ERPLY Classic Back Office version 4.16.0

New Features

  1. New field has been added to Actual Reports sales document dataset – selectedBatch. This field is available only when Alcohol Wholesale module is installed and it contains the currently selected batch number on invoice row.


  1. Security improvements.
  2. Product descriptions in English (if English is not the default language), Russian and Finnish are now more easily installable. To get them installed, please contact our customer support.
  3. Password requirements have been made stricter. Now every new password has to contain one lowercase character, one uppercase character and one digit.
  4. Customer registry URL has been added as a global JavaScript variable. This improvement affects only customers who use customer registry microservice.


  1. Fixed: When adding a new product to an assignment, the default amount will be 1 instead of 0.
  2. Fixed: Product name field in default language disappeared when back office displayed a validation error. This is a regression from Classic back office 4.4.19.
  3. Fixed: When stocktakings with pallets was enabled, then 0 was added to columns that were supposed to be empty.
  4. Fixed: “Custom card payment types” were handled incorrectly on “Day opening and closing” form.
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