ERPLY Classic Back Office version 4.16.2


  1. Searching sales documents by notes now works with “notes” field.
  2. Configuration setting "touchpos_allow_customers_to_redeem_regular_giftcards_with_tax" will now be applied to all new EU accounts.
  3. Report “Payments Summary (Cash Audit)” now respects the currency filter and shows data for selected currency only.
  4. Columns “Initial amount in register”, “Day Income”, “Cash in & Out”, and “Day income + all cash in & out” have been added to “Payments Summary (Cash Audit)” report.
  5. A status filter has been added to the tax rate list.


  1. Fixed: in certain cases, the recipient of goods in Hansa export file was handled incorrectly.
  2. Fixed: in certain cases, warehouse price was not displayed on the first row of purchase invoice.
  3. Fixed: configuration setting "Show weight on purchase and sales invoice printouts" did not work on purchase document printouts.
  4. Fixed: layout issue on assignment printouts.
  5. Fixed: incorrect label in product export. A filter was labeled “Show only items in stocks” when it should have actually been “Export only items with a non-zero quantity”.
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