ERPLY Classic Back Office version 4.18.0

New Features

  1. Products and product groups can now be marked with a flag that prevents transaction-level promotion discounts (eg. “Get 10% off the whole transaction” or “Get $5 off the whole transaction”) from applying to these items.

    A new check box “Promotion discounts do not apply” has been added to both product card and product group form.

    Support for this flag has been implemented in API version 1.33.


  1. Back office now displays a warning when creating a purchase invoice from multiple purchase waybills, and the waybills have different suppliers.


  1. Fixed: clicking the button “Enter zeros for the rest of items” on a stocktaking sheet did not update the “Difference” column.
  2. Fixed: an error in FIFO inventory when deleting a purchase invoice containing the same product twice.
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