ERPLY Classic Back Office version 4.8.0, 4.8.1

  1. In Settings → Day Openings and Closings, counted amounts by tender type and variance reasons can now be edited.
    • This information is originally entered by the cashier. In POS, it is possible to count not only cash, but also all other payment types: cheques, gift cards, and card payments by card type (VISA, Discover, debit, American Express, MasterCard).
    • In case the cashier has made a mistake in entering these amounts (or variance reasons), these values can now be edited on the form.
    • On top of the “Day opening and Closing” form, a button “Z Report” has been added. This is a shortcut that opens the respective register’s Z Report. After adjusting the day’s counted values, open the report to verify that it is now correct.
  2. Improvements in user rights. Each of the following modules now has separate user rights:
    • Pick Items and Create an Order
    • Locations
    • Registers
    • Product Groups
    • Product Categories
    • Brands
    • Parameter Groups
    • Delivery Conditions
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