ERPLY Classic Back Office version 4.9.0

New features

  1. To improve e-mail delivery, e-mails sent from Erply back office will now have “” as the sender’s address.

    Sending e-mail from our own domain name allows us to properly sign the messages and prove that the e-mail has originated from Erply. Many receiving mail servers take note if the “From” address does not match the originating server, and assign the message a higher spam score, or discard it entirely.

    We will still put sender’s company name on the “From:” line, and we will also set a “Reply-To” header with your actual e-mail address. This should ensure that the receiver recognizes who sent the message, and can reply to it.

    Thus, the e-mails are going to look like this:

    From: Sample Company <>
    Reply-To: Sample Company <>
  2. New promotion type “Special Unit Price” has been added.

    In this type of promotion, customer gets a discounted price for specific products if they buy at least a certain quantity.

    “Special Unit Price” promotion must be set up as follows:

    1. On the left side (“Customer must”), specify the products (or product group, or category) and the minimum quantity that the customer must buy;
    2. On the right side (“Customer will”), specify the new unit price. The field is titled: “Or, get these items, and each subsequent matching item, for a special unit price of …”

    The promotion may also be set up with a limit: maximum number of discounted items per sale.

  3. “Redemption Limit” option has been added to promotions.

    A Redemption Limit means that a promotion may not apply to one sale more than the specified number of times. Or — if it is a coupon promotion — that the customer may only redeem a specific number of coupons per sale.

    Consider a promotion “Buy 2 pies and get an apple 50% off”. A Redemption Limit of 3 means that regardless of what quantity the customer purchases, they will only get 3 discounted apples at most. (And to get those, they need to buy 6 pies.)

    Redemption Limit should not be confused with “maximum number of discounted items”. Some promotion types allow both options; consider carefully which one you might need.

    The field is located at the end of the form, and is titled “Limit how many times a promotion of any other type can apply to a sale (Redemption limit)”.

  4. Promotion form has been rearranged.

    An informative field “How the promotion applies to a sale” has also been added. It reminds whether the promotion is an automatic, coupon or manual promotion; and explains how many times the promotion is going to apply (only once / as many times as possible / etc.) Each promotion type has different rules, and this field should make promotion algorithm more transparent.


  1. “Send by e-mail” dialog now warns if the sender’s address is invalid, or if multiple senders have been specified.
  2. Support for API call addPromotionCountsToInvoice has been added. (When a sales document is deleted from back office, its promotion counts are deleted, too.)
  3. Names of the two parameters introduced in 4.8.5 have been updated to "customer_registry_group_cache_time" and "customer_registry_customer_cache_time", respectively.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed: in a report generator report with two-level grouping, some subtotal lines were missing.
  2. Fixed: “Send by e-mail” dialog did not respect the setting “Send invoices to: Customer’s e-mail / Recipient of goods’ e-mail”.
  3. On promotion form, the “Promotion only applies to these customer groups” drop-down now shows customer groups as a hierarchical tree.
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