ERPLY Customer Referral Program

We’ve just launched a new Customer Referral Program this month! We want to give you and the businesses you refer our thanks for recommending us! With our referral program, both you and whoever you refer get credit rewards towards your ERPLY subscription. There is no limit to the number of businesses you can refer. If you’ve been an ERPLY customer for more than two months and love our system, check out the details below to get started!


How to Get Started

  1. Call or email your Account Representative
  2. Give a two way introduction between your Account Representative and the referred customer. Or leave the customer’s information with the account representative to reach out
  3. Fill out this Referral Form to provide required business information for the referred customer


Refer a Business

  • $200 credit on bill after referred customer’s second month
  • Allow us use of your logo on our ‘Referrals’ page
  • Permission to contact you for a reference within your retail area
  • We would also ask that you allow us to tweet/facebook post that you were happy to refer us to your circle!


Referred Business

  • $50 off their third month
  • Must pay a minimum of $200 per month for their program
  • Referred customers must be new customers, with no associated accounts
  • By accepting this referral bonus, we would ask that you allow us to post on facebook/twitter that you’re a new customer


Get in touch with ERPLY today and become a member of the Referral Program!

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