Erply Netvisor integration

Erply Netvisor Integration is a software application that synchronizes data between Erply Back Office and Netvisor ( The application contains user interface for setting up the integration between individual accounts. The application is multi‑tenant. This means that single instance of the application supports synchronization between multiple accounts. However single Erply account can be connected to single Netvisor account.


The synchronization is made so that following business processes can take place. Accounting of completed sales made through Erply POS will be processed in Netvisor by sending accounting data to Netvisor.


Payments for open invoices made through Erply POS will be processed in Netvisor. This is achieved by pushing open invoices to Netvisor and receiving records back to Erply once they are processed. Technically, the application synchronizes data over HTTPS by pulling data from one API and pushing it to the other API.
Integration features include:


Netvisor integration connector

The setup is very easy. After the interface activation, a new menu part will appear – Netvisor



To start the transmission user must enter Netvisor’s Customer ID, Customer key, and Organization ID. The first transmission will start at the end of the same day.
On this print screen, you see an active integration with full setup.