ERPLY on the BBC: Tablet Computers Take on the Workplace


Cashing up: Could tablet computers call time on the traditional cash register?

Erply customer Raido Purga from Taibula

Erply customer Raido Purga from Taibula. Author: BBC

“‘Really cool,’ I think is the word for it.”, Raido Purga from Taibula

“Clients are really impressed when we walk up to them and basically show them right here and right now, this is your product, would you like some additional information, would you like to see a Youtube video about this product?” he says.

“They give us their order right then and there. I just print [the receipt], take the cheque, it’s very comfortable.”

Erply’s Mr. Hiiemaa is confident that the future of the cash register at least is tablet-shaped.

Erply customer Bastion in Tallinn

Erply customer Bastion in Tallinn. Author: BBC

The company is now working on a version of the app targeted at restaurants and the hospitality industry.

“Erply’s main mission is to bring the small companies back to the table so they can fight against the big corporations. They can have similar multi-store systems, and they can expand their operations with very low cost,” he says.

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