Erply POS for NetSuite and JCurve users

Erply is extremely excited to announce to all NetSuite users that there is now a fantastic, feature rich, affordable POS solution available on the market.


Erply POS is a cloud-based point of sale system that works on any device. It also features the added bonus of supporting offline functionality too.


Focused on small-medium size business, this software brings the power and functionality of a traditional POS system to a new level, giving your business that professional feel without the professional cost. All POS transaction data entered into the POS will be automatically synchronized in real-time with your NetSuite account, guaranteeing that all of your books and reports are completely accurate, 100% of the time.

NetSuite – ERPLY Connector

Our ERPLY to NetSuite Connector provides users with an easy method of integrating ERPLY with NetSuite and helps retailers to organize every aspect of their business.

  1. Syncing of items (Inventory items) from a NetSuite account to ERPLY POS.
  2. Syncing of customers from ERPLY POS to a NetSuite account. (Reward points management is supported)
  3. Syncing POS transactions (e.g. Tax Invoice/Credit Tax Invoice) with NetSuite’s transaction records (e.g. Invoice/Credit Memo/Customer Payment/Customer Refunds).
  4. An excellent, easy to understand error handling report.
  5. An auto sync of failed transactions after issue resolutions, if any issues  arise.
  6. Reporting on item syncing, customers and invoices.
  7. Direct communication between NetSuite and ERPLY. We don’t use any middleware, which makes our solution faster than other available connectors.
  8. Real-time syncing from NetSuite to ERPLY.


ERPLY to NetSuite

  1. Customers are created in ERPLY POS and auto created in NetSuite.
  2. Invoices (Tax Invoice/Credit Tax Invoice) are created in ERPLY POS and then auto created in NetSuite.
  3. On the basis of return quantities of invoices in ERPLY POS, credit memo and customer refund transactions are created in NetSuite.


NetSuite to ERPLY

  1. Items created in NetSuite are auto created in ERPLY POS. Updating or deleting of an item in NetSuite will also result in the updating or deleting of that item in ERPLY.
  2. Updating of item prices in NetSuite will also result in the updating of item prices in ERPLY POS.


…and so much more!

Erply POS integrates with all NetSuite versions, along with JCurve versions, and does not require additional NetSuite seats or licenses to work.

Erply, originally founded in Tallinn in 2009, is a company that specializes in providing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Point of Service (POS) technology, inventory control, billing, business reporting, and custom barcodes. Today, Erply has offices in New York, Sydney, London, Copenhagen and has resellers located all over the world.