iOS 13.1.2 update will cause the payment and printing integrations on iPad not to work. We are working on an update but in the meantime please do not update to iOS 13.1.2 on your devices that are running Erply POS.


OS Catalina update will cause EPSI not to work properly. We are currently working on an update but in the meantime, please do not update to OS Catalina on your devices running Erply POS

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Erply Version 3.4 Update

Our ERPLY staff members are always developing new features to help your business expand!  With the emphasis of providing our customers faster processing speeds, smoother tractions and improved usability, we are happy to release our newest ERPLY Version 3.4.

Some of our newest updates include:

New modules:

  • Day openings / closings module
  • POS cash-in / cash-out transactions module

Both modules have the ability to edit or delete records and separate access rights; these were initially disabled for existing customers.

New features:

  • Ability to export sales reports into an Excel spreadsheet (in previous versions, reports could only be exported as a CSV file)
  • Faster speeds in the Invoices Module in larger store transactions
  • Sales reports now allow you to filter “Fiscal Year” as a time period option.
  • “Net Sales Fiscal Year” widget has been added to the dashboard (Fiscal year start date can be adjusted; by default it is January 1st)
  • The ability to remove the POS screen calculator and replace space with additional Quick Select buttons.


Optimizations specifically for US customers:

  • Tax report add-ons: Both the net sales and sales with tax data are now displayed in Sales Summary.
  • Product group specific tax rates have been implemented enabling users to set a tax rate for a specific product group in a specific location (This feature only applies to products directly categorized into that group, not to any sub-groups. (additional tax-rate configuration will be required for sub-groups).

Other improvements include: InventorySalesPurchasingUser RightsQuickBooksCustomer Balance and Terminology.

See the complete list of Release Notes here


Version 3.4 will be automatically implemented into all accounts.

For additional questions feel free to contact our customer service by phone: 917-210-1251 or e-mail:



Thank you!

You will be contacted by an Erply consultant soon.

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