Feature Friday: NEW BerlinPOS Offline Mode

This summer, we’re proud to announce a huge update to our Berlin Point of Sale. We’ve reviewed customer feedback over the past six months and this request was at the top of our list. Introducing the new and improved BerlinPOS Offline Mode! Before it begins to roll out, we’d like to give you a sneak peak of changes and new features that will become available to all customers running ERPLY’s BerlinPOS.

What is BerlinPOS Offline Mode?

Experiencing issues with your internet no longer means you’ll have issues accessing ERPLY. We now store certain pieces of information locally on your browser. This means that even offline, you’ll be able to access a locally saved version of your Point of Sale, process sales for an unlimited amount of time, and then have them synced straight to the cloud once your connection is reestablished. Unstable internet is a large concern for companies that run the majority of their business online. ERPLY gives our customers peace of mind in knowing their data is safe, secure, and now with the BerlinPOS Offline Mode, accessible at anytime.

What’s Different?

The new BerlinPOS Offline Mode has been completely redesigned to work smoothly and effortlessly to ensure sales opportunities are never lost or disrupted. This includes the ability to process sales, switch users, and even access the login page when offline.

Offline Login

Was ERPLY closed at the time your internet went down? Not a problem! Users can log in and out while offline without issue. When attempting to log in offline, the user will be notified that their network is down and be given an option to log in offline.

Unlimited Sales Time

In the earlier offline mode, if a connection was not reestablished to our server within 10 minutes the user would be logged out automatically for security purposes. By saving certain pieces of information locally as well as online, that’s no longer the case. Rest assured that your business will be able to process sales offline for as long as they need. Your employees can rest easy knowing that they can still process sales even if the internet goes down.

Reestablished Connection Notifier

When you internet connection comes back up, we’ll let you know right as it happens! ERPLY will notify you with a quick pop prompting you to restart the POS to continue. After clicking “OK,” all of the offline sales will be pushed to our cloud and you’ll be back up and running with live syncing sales.



How Can I Use it?

Setup couldn’t be easier! First, contact Erply Support and ask for the New Offline Mode to be enabled. Next, in your Point of Sale, head over to Settings -> Configuration, check the option “Allow Offline Mode” and save your changes. Easy as that!


The next time your internet goes down, you’ll see a new Offline Login button. Click that to jump back into your POS and keep making sales!


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