Featured Customer of the Month: Dobbs & Bishop

Dobbs & Bishop, located in Bronxville, NY, has been our loyal customer since 2015.  They are known for their selection of domestic and international cheeses, along with gourmet provisions to accompany the cheese. The staff themselves are trained by the manager, Brenda Cabera, who teaches them how to become a knowledgeable “CheeseMonger.” Every cheese has a story and they know them all!  The ERPLY team is excited to highlight Dobbs & Bishop our Featured Customer of June!





Their very own Chef Cabera, a graduate of The Culinary Institute of America, makes fresh ricotta, boursin, soups and appetizers.  Dobbs & Bishop is probably best known for their amazing Mac & Cheese. Nearly every day, there’s  a line out the door for their delicacies. Keeping the best for their customers in mind, there are no artificial preservatives found their fresh foods, always made daily along with sandwiches and soups.


Do you have a foodie friend or relative (Father’s Day is coming up!) that loves robust flavors or flavor pairings? Dobbs & Bishop has unique baskets as a gift for holidays, birthday, or a little something to say “I’m thinking of you.” Their “Cheese Towers” are a unique way to display cheese at a party and are the latest trend in weddings. Their eye catching platters are carefully selected to complement each other. Locally delivered charcuterie, jams, mustards and crackers are ready to serve right away.


Over the years, Dobbs & Bishop have expressed that their staff has always felt comfortable and successful using ERPLY. As food trends change and their business grows, Dobbs & Bishop has told us how ERPLY’s Point of Sale has been easy to use, train on, and update.
“Erply’s POS is easy to learn and to use. We have a variety of staff who quickly learn the ins and outs of the interface and Erply has lots of flexibility to change as we add new products.”

ERPLY knows that day to day tasks of a business need to be tracked and all store information needs to be accessible at any time to management. Dobbs & Bishop hasn’t only had success using the Point of Sale, they also use the Back Office to check out sales trends. Using the data captured in ERPLY, they can predict what items will sell the most and what to expect on their busiest days!
“Erply’s back office is a critical tool in managing, analyzing and planning our business.   We rely on the Reports feature to compare year to year sales to calculate orders for upcoming holidays.   We can weed out poor sellers and also spot trends that aren’t apparent without the analysis Erply provides.”

ERPLY has enjoyed being apart of their growth and is excited to see what the future holds for Dobbs & Bishop!

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