Featured Customer of the Month: Fonda Lee Beauty Bar

Fonda Lee Beauty Bar, located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, has been a loyal customer of ours for over four years. With their one store location, this successful top of the line Beauty Bar and Event Boutique feels that ERPLY has led the path on accessibility and organization for them and their guests. We’re so excited to share our interview with Fonda Lee Beauty Bar as our Featured Customer this month!


The Fonda Lee Beauty Bar and Event Boutique is known in their area as the state-of-the-art professional stop for makeup applications and airbrushed beauty. Additionally, being able to show their unique way of combining Philanthropy & Inner Beauty guests that visit are always welcomed and styled to their own comfort zone. Fonda Lee loves being able to share the “How to’s” and “Why to’s” on all beauty secrets and tips.



ERPLY has led the path on accessibility and organization. We are a full-service makeup salon. Through our ERPLY Application, we can keep track of any and all things when it comes to services, staffing, appointments, and much much more! Also During what I would call tense moments due to a power snag or a detailed step by step walkthrough, The team is always accessible, patient, and to the point.



What was your biggest struggle as a company? How did you overcome it?

Damage control, Learning how to edit or modify information if misapply. During a lengthy outage of no WiFi for 3 weeks, we were able to use our device hotspots for connectivity and registered clients by email to keep track of their receipts.

What experiences would you like to share with other ERPLY customers?  

We’d encourage users to take the time to explore using the app to its fullest. There are endless tracking choices for stock, finances, and promotions. The list goes on and on!

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