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Point of SalePoint Of Sale

Cloud Hybrid System

Run your POS system both online and offline.System can be independent from web access and data is auto-synced upon re-connection.

Suspend Sale

Place sales on hold and reopen at later time for speedy checkout. Add product. Found item not in the system? No problem, add or edit products on the fly right at POS.


Create returns with ease, option to print receipts with scanable barcode to speed up the process!

Speedy Product Lookup

Query products by name or code, scan barcodes, or select items from inventory list to add them to the transaction.

Real time X-report

View registers totals with breakdown of payment type at the POS with real-time data! Real-time updating means administrators viewing current numbers from anywhere at anytime!

Integrated Payments

Our PCI compliant solution provides secure payment processing X-reports by card type, electronic signature capture and PIN debit. USB plug & play hardware as well as mobile swiper option for iPad!

Mobile Selling

Run ERPLY on any device with a web browser. iPad & Andriod apps provides the freedom of mobility!

Mix & Match Hardware

Tablets, POS registers, laptops, you name it ERPLY can be run on it. Freedom to run on various devices, why be restricted?

Shipping Integration

Ship products to customers via UPS and FedEx! ERPLY’s shipping module communicates directly with shipping carriers to get real-time shipping quotes, apply shipping methods, and print out shipping labels right at your register! Customers receipt prints out with tracking details, which are also saved to ERPLY backend for easy look up.

Retail CRMRetail CRM

Customer Database

Get to know your customers! Add new customers at POS to begin tracking; previous customer lists can be imported from legacy system to make the transition as easy as 123!

Sales History

Every transaction is recorded to the customer’s card for easy access. Sales documents can be re-printed or emailed to customer at anytime!

Electronic Signature Storage

Using ERPLY integrated payment solution, electronic CC signatures store directly to the sales document. No more printing two receipt copies at the register. Say goodbye to the days of storing paper signed receipts!

Customer Groups

Create customer groups to better organize your customer list. Customer groups can later be used for promotions, price lists, and/or loyalty programs!

Store Credit

Define credit limits, and accept/ reward store credit to your customers. 7 day no cash back policy is looking easier than ever.

Gift Cards

Create & track gift cards right in ERPLY, no 3rd party software needed. View reports for details on gift cards sold, redeemed, and balances. Central, real-time gift card control.

Loyalty Programs

Define loyalty points rules and create promotional incentives. Loyalty Cards are also supported for quick & easy look up.

Email Capability

Send receipts, quotes, or any other sales document directly to customers via email. Go green!

Facebook/Twitter Capture

Asking for a customers email address too sensitive? No problem, capture customers twitter or Facebook details on customer card, later invite them to follow your promotions on these social outlets!


Sales Reports

View hot sellers, sales by product, day, customer, and much more for a given date range.

Comparison Reports

Compare reports for date ranges and/or locations. See when your slowest times are and create promotions to drive traffic! All in one central software, not bad huh?


Use Group Rights

Increase internal business security with our user group function! Set specific user rights to individual job positions. Down to the finest details define who can view, edit, add, delete what in your account.

User Rights

In addition the User group, drill down to the specific user to define what locations they can access & view data from.


Custom Barcodes

Create and print your own custom barcodes for your products! Spice them up with your own logo or even a catch phrase to give a nice polishing touch! All scanable via UPC at time of sale.

Intuitive Dashboard

Provides quick snapshot of most relevant data for the day, in real time!(Customizable) Quick-links to your most popular reports, as well as sales graphs for employees, customers and more! New twitter style news feed allows staff to communicate with each other effortlessly!


Supplier Database

Keep track of Suppliers, contacts, and even store contracts with your vendors! Tie products directly to suppliers for fast effi cient Purchase Order creation.

Reorder & Restock Levels

Automate your ordering process by defining Reorder points & Restock levels for products. Later use these rules as recommendation or rule for ordering.

Purchase Order Creation

Create Purchase orders to be sent out to suppliers by email, or print out and send the hardcopy. Customize text, and add your logo for that professional feel!

Purchase Order Receiving

Track Purchase Order status to see what has arrived and what is in transit. Write off damaged goods, and track partial orders.

Stock Replenishment Report

One report to truly revolutionize the ordering process. One click of a button adds quantities based on restock level, one more click to generate Purchase Order documents to the multiple suppliers associated.

Purchasing Report

Clean report by Supplier and/or products ordered in given date range. View & print from anywhere, at anytime.


Faster, Easy Implementation

Installing a new POS system usually means a difficult learning process, installation costs and hours on the phone with customer support. That is no longer the case! ERPLY is a hosted software. This means that all of the software is supported and maintained by our certified engineers. There is virtually no set-up on your end and we provide full training for you and your staff!


ERPLY is web-based POS for the serious retailer, serious about growth, innovation, and centralized control. We provide tools with the multi-store retailer in mind such as regional price lists, store specific quick buttons, multi-tax rate support, comparison reports and much more.

Cloud Hybrid- (offline mode)

One of EPRLY's key differentiators is 100% true offline functionality at POS. ERPLY uses best in breed technology to allow retailers to enjoy the many benefits of the cloud, without the downfall of internet dependency. Register run completely independently, with synchronization against back-end as often as every minute.

Open API for easy integrations

ERPLY provides to the public its own set of APIs (via ). This powerful tool allows users to integrate with virtually any other program necessary. From e-commerce to accounting, to payroll services, all integrations are possible. Aiming to achieve what all business owners seek centralized management of all operations.

Comparison Reports

ERPLY provides a wide array of reports but it does not stop there. Now apply comparison filters for clear analysis between time periods, locations, employees and more. All of which easily printed, emailed, or exported to excel. A powerful tool for the multi-store retailer.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Save money and keep your current hardware! ERPLY is compatible with most hardware, allowing you to reduce unnecessary costs of replacing your current system. It works with traditional touch screen terminals, desktops/laptops and even tablets like the iPad!

Sales promotions

Built in sales promotions module allows users to create custom sales campaigns based on predefined rules. A plethora of options from BOGO to % discounts, easy to create and implement. Define a time period, location, or customer group as parameters. Equipped with different promotional types from automatic application, to printing coupon for redemption on next purchase to encourage repeat buying.


Built in Coupon generation, redemption, and tracking. Ability to create custom coupons and apply them to specific promotions, gives the freedom to establish professional campaigns in minutes. Multiple ways to get to customers from print, email or SMS, and all coupons scan in at POS for easy redemption.

Employee features

Manage your staff in the same system that you manage your sales. Employee commissions can be set up as % or dollar amount with multiple layers to award for achieving goals. View your top performers and pay out commissions via one report. Employee time clock and scheduling full equipped with clear reports to match.

Mobile Access

On the move? Take ERPLY with you! Since the software is cloud-based, ERPLY POS allows you to access company information from any device/location with internet access. Access your sales data, update pricing or make internal changes anywhere and anytime!

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