Franchise reporting tool
(Beta version)

Franchise report is a complementary application to ERPLY Back Office to help large franchises to get an overview of every franchisee as a report.

Franchise setup consists of one master account and multiple sub-accounts. Each are normal ERPLY accounts.

The purpose of franchise report is to display reports across franchisees in the master account. Data from all franchise accounts is collected into database through ERPLY API and for every report data is sorted in the database and displayed for the user in the report.

Reports display data for a time period(month to date).


Master account - Master account consists of many sub-accounts. Master account represents the whole franchise. Master account is a normal ERPLY account.

Sub-account - Every sub-account represents one franchisee under franchise. Sub-account is a normal ERPLY account.

Setting up franchise accounts

For every account, that belongs to the franchise, configuration settings have to be changed.

In order to change settings go from the top menu bar and select: Settings → Configuration.

Under ‘General’ section set Field separator in CSV output files to semicolon.

Click ‘Save’ button on top of the page, then changes made, will be saved.

Setting up franchise report plugin

Plugin needs to be installed only for the master account.

In order to install the plugin, log in to franchise master account from ERPLY.

From the main menu bar go to: Settings → Configuration → Edit plugins.

After clicking on ‘Edit plugins’ insert the following code and click ‘Save’.

$(document).ready(function () {
	var url =’’;
	ErplyJsApi.addSubmenuButtonToOpenIframe('franchreport', 'menugroup_reports', url + '?apiSessionKey='+ apiSessionKey +'&clientCode='+ customerCode, 'Franchise Report(beta)');

After saving, ‘Franchise reports’ can be found under Reports section.


Franchise report page

In order to see franchise report page user needs to be logged in into franchise master account.

To access the franchise report page, from top menu bar go to : Reports → Franchise report.

Chart displays sales total from month to date. Horizontal axis days displays days from the beginning of the month until present(day). On vertical axis sales total values are displayed.

Top selling location
Top 5 selling locations are displayed. Location is displayed with sales total and franchisee account code.

Viewing reports section
All available report types are displayed.

Settings icon
Under settings icon user is able to see, which sub-account codes belong to master account. Reports are generated using data from displayed sub-accounts.


About filters

In every report user is able to filter data. In version 0.4 two filters are available.

Report data can be filtered by certain period of time : by week and by month. IF user decides to filter report data by month , then report is filtered from month to date or when user decides to filter data by week, then report data only from week to date is displayed.

In addition, data can be filtered by single franchisee. Filtering data by single franchisee means, that report rows contain information only about franchisee user has indicated in the filter.

Under filters section totals are displayed. Net total sums up all 'Net sales total' rows. NET+VAT sums up all 'Net sales total with VAT' rows.

Report columns can be sorted by clicking on column title.

Sales grouped by franchise location


  1. Franchisee
  2. Location
  3. Net sales total
  4. Sales total with VAT
  5. Net discount total

Sales grouped by day


  1. Sold quantity
  2. Net sales total
  3. Sales total with VAT
  4. Net discount total

Article sales


  1. franchise account code
  2. product name
  3. invoice number
  4. date
  5. net sales price
  6. net sales + vat

Product sales


  1. Code
  2. Product name
  3. Sold quantity
  4. Net sales total
  5. Sales total with VAT
  6. Net discount total