ERPLY’s Franchise Model for Growing Businesses!

A Middle Ground between Franchisor and Franchisee

We see a core battle taking place in the franchise setting and are here to help. Of course the franchisor wants as much data and analytics from the franchisee as possible, however there is a thin line between being helpful and being intrusive. It is important for your franchisees to feel as if they are an entity of their own, and not being strong-armed by headquarters. ERPLY franchise configuration provides peace of mind on both ends of the relationship. Franchisees are given there own ERPLY account with no sensitive data shared between franchisees, and at the same time the freedom of cross-chain visibility for specified elements like gift cards or sales promotions, as examples.

How It Works

New technology allows franchisors to define what items are pushed down to franchisees as well as what data is pulled back up to headquarters. This is done using what we call a “Master” account. Store owners are provided with their own separate ERPLY account(s), which contains built-in synchronization tools to the franchisors “Master” account. Imagine updating pricing for a weekend sale at HQ and having it relayed to all franchisees within minutes.

Promotions, Gift Cards, and Loyalty Points

We understand the pain of rolling out a new marketing campaign across a franchise chain. Old technology and localized platforms require manual work to ensure that all of your locations are ready to accept and redeem your carefully crafted promotional tools. With ERPLY, we work closely with your franchise customers during implementation to define what things are mandatory, optional, or editable for franchisee locations. You define the rules and ERPLY provides the tools for execution. Want to create a few promotional incentives next month and make them readily available for all stores? No problem. Push campaigns to all stores in minutes and even give them the freedom to enable/disable them in store.

Centralized Reports

It’s one thing to get franchisees on board with the latest offerings from corporate, it’s an entirely separate task to get back the analytics to review ROI and make smart decisions for the company. ERPLY’s franchise synchronization technology allows franchisees to define what reports they would like to have from each location and have this data automatically sent up to the “Master” ERPLY account. From both ends of the spectrum, ERPLY has you covered, and easier than ever before.

Additional Features

Inventory Backend Features
  • Corporate level inventory visibility
  • Across chain stock replenishment tools
  • Purchase orders, min/max inventory levels
  • Centralized employee metric tracking
  • Supplier database
  • Supplier Price list management
  • EDI support
Sell-More Features
  • All-channel sales management
  • Cross-chain gift card selling/redemption
  • Preferred store customer tracking
  • Customer retention tools for both store level and corporate
  • Centralized sales promotion management
  • Gift or product kits
  • Cross-chain store credit redemption/tracking
Management Features
  • Cross-chain aggregated reporting
  • Store grouping by franchisee
  • Sales performance metrics
  • Configurable user rights
  • Centralized employee metric tracking
  • Store level drill-down reporting
  • Store comparison reporting
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