Free Restaurant POS Software from Erply

Erply’s powerful, the cloud-based retail software now supports table service for restaurants of all sizes. In addition to our comprehensive reporting, built-in promotions, and FIFO inventory management tools, Erply now gives restaurants the ability to deliver fast service and a quality experience to their customers.

For a short time, we’re providing access to the beta version of our new restaurant POS absolutely free!

Erply’s restaurant POS features include:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Works on all major platforms (iPad, Android, Windows)
  • Quick buttons for popular menu items
  • Kitchen order printing
  • Detailed view of the current status of the tables
  • Option for customers tables to pay separately in one table
  • Define course type for a specific product group in the back office
  • Cancellation button on every product row


Erply’s Restaurant POS plugin creates a button (TABLE) which when clicked, will open a customizable view of your restaurant’s dining area with clickable tables. Each table has a predefined name or number, as well as a status of that table’s current activity. This allows the user to quickly assess the current situation in the dining hall. The statuses can be in three colors:

Green defines that the table has no currently open orders and is open to new customers.

Yellow defines that the table has recently been checked in (opened for review or updated in any other way by the user).

Red defines that no action has been taken with the table for a longer significant time.


Clicking on table buttons opens a detailed view of the selected table:


Find out why so many businesses choose Erply as their point of sale software.

Notice: This offer is only for Erply Restaurant POS module itself.

Please contact our customer support at 1-855-463-7759 for any further questions. They will give you a step-by-step guide on how to set up your Restaurant POS. No credit card required.

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