How to Guide: Creating & Picking Up Orders Directly from POS

Buy anywhere, pay anywhere, and pick up anywhere. These are the flexible rules of the new Omni-channel retail marketplace and ERPLY POS is here to help retailers adapt to them.

While pre-sale documents like Sales Orders and Quotes have always existed in ERPLY Retail Operating System, we are excited to announce that they are now easily accessible directly through the POS front-end module!

Create Orders, take payments, and pick up paid Orders directly from the register!

*Save a sale as a Sales Order by opening the SALES OPTION menu at POS:



Locate a paid Sales Order and disperse for pick up at POS using the FUNCTIONS button:



Ease of use at the POS, clear document trail in the back-end

All Sales Orders will be clearly organized in ERPLY back-office Sales module after creation. Use the Sales module to filter through paid and unpaid Orders, or identify Orders awaiting pick up.

*Once picked up, all Sales Orders will be associated with the final invoice (receipt) document number:


For more information on how to properly utilize Sales Orders in ERPLY POS contact us today!

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