How to Wake a Sleeping Customer?

Every store or salon owner knows that a successful retail business is centered on the customer – you need to grant the customer bonuses, discounts and benefits. However, successful customer relations mean constantly analyzing purchases.

It’s easy to get your bearings with Erply as our POS software does much of the work for you – Erply’s report generator helps you group customers based on sales and use these groups to send notifications and product ads to customers.

For example, the fashion fan that gets a new wardrobe every spring wants to be the first to hear about the new collection hitting your store. Or you could send a reminder to a customer who regularly buys expendables – whether that be printer cartridges, paper towels or batteries – from you.

The notification doesn’t cost you anything, but your customer will be grateful. Especially if you remind the customer that their car fire extinguisher is about to expire – the notification might save the customer from a potential fine.

Good business software – like Erply – also highlights sleeping customers that haven’t visited your store in some time. A personal offer (e.g. a 15–25% discount on a specific product) might lure the customer back to the store, and we all know that shopping doesn’t usually stop at just one item.

Erply lets you scan your customer base for those that have been inactive for a while, but also new and inactive customers who have become active again.

Erply’s software also provides an overview of your products to let you know, which goods are flying off the shelves and which aren’t. This way you can discount the products that people are less interested in and apply campaigns like “Buy 2 get 3” or “Buy this to get a discount on another item” to popular products.

Monitoring sales lets you plan orders and keep costs at a minimum (no point in stocking up on goods people aren’t interested in).

Good software leaves plenty of room for improvisation and helps you win over customers. Erply’s powerful POS software is here to help you meet these goals! Contact us at or by phone at +1-917-210-1251.

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