Importance of ISP’s

Multiple large network providers have experienced issues affecting many across the web this morning. This has caused some of our customers to experience ongoing connectivity issues. Since this isn’t directly related to any of our infrastructures, we are trying to get more information as well. We’re in the process of communicating with several providers and will relay any further updates when we receive them.

Our web hosting service, Liquid Web, has posted:

“We are experiencing provider issues that have led many of our customers to witness problems with connectivity. We are in communication with carriers to attain a resolution timeframe for the issues occurring in this region. Any further updates will be posted here as we receive them.”

UPDATE: “We are in communication with providers to attain a timeframe for the widespread outages they’re experiencing across the US but have not gotten one as of yet. Generally, we would reroute traffic, but this is being hindered by the number of providers experiencing outages. ”

For further updates:

To see the outage maps for each provider, visit:



UPDATE – indicates this incident is related to a 512k limit in routers


Compiled and written by:  Eric Martich
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