Increase your Brand Awareness, Customise Receipts on Erply POS!

Once your customer leaves your store, your receipts are the first material that they are left with. Providing useful information such as store hours or displaying a personalised and a sincere message can affect your business’s engagement with your customers. In the meantime, having a corporate look is important in terms of showing how professional your brand is!

On Erply POS, you can customise and add many information on your receipts. While printing out “pretty” receipts, some information you choose to add can also help you and your employees to fasten return processes or track invoices.


Add a Corporate Look to your Receipts


On Erply POS, you can create receipts that carry your brand values. Corporate look is important in terms of your brand awareness and it increases your trustability for the consumers. The first step of this is to add your logo to your receipt footer. This will help your customers to recognise your brand quickly. If you want to get more creative and create unique receipts, you can also add HTML tags for pictures into your receipt footer section.

Besides HTML tags, you can create personalised messages that will display on your receipt footer and increase your engagement with your customers. There are always more things that can be written than a simple “Thank you for your visit!” and your customers would like to feel special!

If your business is running in multiple locations, you can also display different addresses from your store to store. This can be a useful information for your customers, knowing that which location of your chain they shopped. Also, add your store hours to your receipt to let them know when they can visit your store!


Send Receipts with Email


Sending emails to your customers creates an awareness for your brand and receipts are a good reason to do a mailing! Make your business name appear in their mailboxes. This way, your customers will always be able to reach you and your contact information. On Erply POS, you can edit the email content and find a creative way to deliver your receipts.

For example, when you are sending receipts over, you can also invite your customers to follow your social media accounts or join your special campaigns and offers. On the other hand, you can choose to send receipts with engaging messages to thank them for their visit and addressing follow up questions about customer satisfaction.


Display Discount Information and Different Type of Prices

With our recent updates on the Receipt Printout feature in Erply POS, you can display additional information on your receipts. You can configure your receipts to display line-by-line detailed information such as; which discounts were applied to each item or the different type of prices.



A group of checkboxes allows you to select which discounts will be shown on the receipts such as; promotion, price list, and manual discounts. You can reach here from Settings → Configuration → Receipt printouts. You can also display the recommended retail price next to your discounted price.


Configuration for Easier Processes

There are many important information that you can add to your receipt in order to make some processes easier for your employees and tracking your invoices.

Displaying your product info differently on your receipts can be useful. You can choose to display them as a code, name, barcode or the combination of these. For example; enabling barcodes on receipts and being able to view them as on receipt on Erply POS can fasten your return processes. This can make returns with receipt easier for your cashiers and your customers don’t have to wait for complicated return processes.  

On the other hand, ERPLY features a “notes” field in POS that gives you the flexibility to add a text field to the customer’s receipt. This notes field is also searchable in ERPLY back-end for records. You can always find a receipt by the note on it.  

You can configure your receipts in a way that you will be able to view gift card balances on receipts where the gift cards were used. Also, displaying your cashier’s names on the receipts is possible too.  

Customise your receipts with Erply for a better look and display important information for your customers! Check out our other features, and improve your business with Erply!