Erply Docura EDI Integration

The ERPLY users can easily start using a electronic document interchange tool – Docu-EDI. You can send electronic orders, order confirmations, waybills, receiving advices, and invoices to your partners or receive it from your partners directly in your ERPLY software. Activation of the Docu-EDI module in ERPLY takes 1-3 working days.

Docura is an EDI operator and using the integration platform, our partners can:

  • transfer different types of electronic documents,
  • integrate different information systems (ERPs),
  • maintain an archive of e-documents. platform is used by more than 200 businesses in Estonia and other EU countries. To increase EDI capabilities in other countries, we also use the roaming network of EDI partners.

Here are several Docura EDI solutions:


Exchanging e-documents with retailers in 2DOC and 4DOC format. Electronic orders, waybills, receiving advices and invoices are automatically exchanged between ERP systems of suppliers and retailers. Docura provides electronic documents interchange with all Estonian retailers.


Improves significantly the efficiency of purchasing process by exchanging business documents in a standard electronic format between business partners. There are three components to the solution: 1) electronic data exchange with Estonian vendors; 2) Electronic data exchange with overseas vendors (involving foreign partners if they are EDI capable); and 3) PDF parsing of purchase invoices (if foreign vendors are not EDI enabled).

B2B Portal

A tool that buyers use to send and receive purchase orders and invoices, as well as to manage data on completed transactions.


Enables the interchange of e-documents such as instruction for despatch, delivery confirmations, and despatch advices between logistics companies and their partners.


Automation of the sales process, data exchange with online stores and e-platforms.


Sending and receiving e-invoices.

To ensure smooth functioning when deploying solutions, Docura also performs tests, offers user support, and keeps track of data traffic. More information about Docura:

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