ERPLY Books Integration

ERPLY Books is our partner company, so it should come as no surprise that we have a seamless integration with them.

The ERPLY Books integration with ERPLY is a complete ERP solution for retail and wholesale. The integration makes the synchronisation of invoices and receipts as well as the management of accounts particularly convenient. All accounting activities that ERPLY performes are automatically reflected in ERPLY Books.

A complete solution for start-ups, small and large companies. The default settings are applicable to small and starting companies. There are hundreds of different options for already operating or large companies that can be set up / applied to suit the size of the company. For example:

  • if customers pay on the basis of orders, you can create rules to simplify your life. First, you can synchronise all orders, but you can exclude prepaid invoices, for example; and second, you can automatically link bank imports to orders;
  • if it is necessary to see separate cash terminals on the list of dimensions, this setting can be activated with only one checkbox;
  • if you do not want to see unidentified private customer invoices separately but as a daily aggregate. For this purpose, a separate setting can be created, as a result of which all identified customer invoices are listed separately and anonymous private customers on one invoice per day.

Thanks to the long experience of ERPLY Books, we have encountered very different needs and the system is most likely to solve all your problems.

With ERPLY Point of Sale Software for Retail Integration:

  • data will be synchronised automatically at a time you choose without any additional action;
  • you can assign accounts to the various transactions made in ERPLY, which will automatically reflect the synchronised data in ERPLY Books;
  • you can assign separate accounts to product and customer groups, the relevant transactions are recorded in ERPLY Books;
  • it is possible to set additional rules, such as “do not synchronise consignment notes”;
  • you can have 99% automated bank import through which payments and receipts can be managed.

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