Erply Xero Integration

Erply and XERO Integration for Seamless Data Synchronization

The integration between Erply and XERO offers a powerful solution for businesses seeking streamlined financial management. This integration allows for the automatic synchronization of essential data, including sales documents, payments, refunds, products, and customers, between Erply and XERO. With a simple configuration process and additional features such as account mapping, payment types mapping, and an error and transactions log, this integration enhances efficiency, accuracy, and visibility in your financial processes.

Automatic Syncing of Sales Documents, Payments, Refunds, Products, and Customers

The Erply-XERO integration eliminates the need for manual data entry and duplicate information. Through this integration, sales documents such as invoices and orders, payments, refunds, products, and customers are seamlessly synced between Erply and XERO. This automation saves time, reduces the risk of errors, and ensures consistent and accurate data across both systems.

Key Benefits of the Erply-XERO Integration

The Erply-XERO integration is a valuable tool for businesses looking to streamline their financial management processes. By automating the synchronization of sales documents, payments, refunds, products, and customers, this integration enhances efficiency, accuracy, and visibility. The configuration options, including account mapping and payment types mapping, ensure seamless data flow between Erply and XERO. The error and transactions log provides transparency and oversight, allowing you to identify and resolve any issues promptly. Embrace the Erply-XERO integration to unlock the potential for streamlined financial management and drive your business forward.

Automatic Synchronization

Automatic synchronization makes life easier and your job less time-consuming.


Automation reduces manual data entry tasks, freeing up valuable time for more critical business activities.


With automatic syncing, the risk of manual errors is minimized, ensuring consistent and reliable financial data across both platforms.

Financial Insights

Synchronized data provides a comprehensive view of your business’s financial performance, enabling better decision-making and analysis.

Customer Management

Syncing customers between Erply and XERO allows for better customer relationship management, personalized interactions, and improved customer satisfaction.

Inventory Management

By syncing products between Erply and XERO, you can maintain accurate and up-to-date inventory records, optimizing order fulfillment and minimizing stock discrepancies.

Configuration from Erply Backoffice

Setting up the integration is user-friendly and straightforward. The Erply backoffice provides a seamless interface to connect with your XERO account and configure the integration settings. Through account mapping, you can establish a clear connection between your Erply and XERO accounts, ensuring the correct flow of financial data. Additionally, payment types mapping allows you to match payment methods in Erply with the corresponding ones in XERO, maintaining consistency and accuracy in your reporting.

Error and Transactions Log for Enhanced Visibility

The integration includes an error and transactions log accessible from the integration settings in the Erply backoffice. This log provides comprehensive visibility into the synchronization process, allowing you to monitor and track any errors that may occur. By identifying and addressing errors promptly, you can ensure the integrity of your financial data and maintain accurate records. The transactions log offers a complete overview of synchronized actions, enabling you to review the flow of data between Erply and XERO, and ensuring transparency in your financial management.

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