Introducing Erply Shopify Connector 3.0!

Introducing Erply’s new and improved Shopify integration!

We know that many businesses thrive off e-commerce, which is why we’re proud to announce Erply Shopify Connector 3.0.

Our new Shopify integration is updated with features designed to streamline your e-commerce experience, so you can spend less time managing your webshop and more time making sales.

Check out the latest below, including information on how to download the connector.

Your Shopify Store, now in Erply

You’re now able to import your existing Shopify store into Erply.

Our previous integration required existing webstores to be rebuilt from the ground up. Now, selling online with Erply is as easy as 1-2-3.

Improve Product Sync

We’ve upgraded our product synchronization tool to sync hundreds of products in under a minute, including important inventory data and product images.

Improved Stock Level Sync

Our stock level tool has been upgraded so you can more easily sync current stock levels to your Shopify webshop.

This means that your stock levels will be even more accurate than they were before, preventing you from accidentally overselling inventory — whether it’s in your physical store or your webshop.

Because our stock level sync tool is optimized for accuracy, you won’t need to hire extra hands or use a third-party app to ensure that your stock levels are up-to-date. Erply handles the hard work for you.

More Warehouses and Easier Imports

You can now easily import warehouse information from Shopify into Erply, no matter how many warehouses you operate.

Erply Pricing in your Shopify Store

You can now apply price lists from your Erply account into your Shopify webshop.

Because our price list tool is incredibly comprehensive, this is a great alternative way to creating special web-based promotions.

Orders and Invoice Flexibility

Orders and invoices existing in Erply can now be imported into your Shopify webshop.

This update enables much more flexible order fulfillment workflows, improves recordkeeping, and enables secure sharing,

  • Orders can be fulfilled in Erply, stocked into your physical locations,  then imported into Shopify when ready.
  • Orders can be fulfilled within Shopify. Your team can choose to import only the invoices that are ready to go.

Even More Payment Types

Give your customers more ways to pay!

Payment types are now generated dynamically from Shopify’s list of payment options, such as Visa or Shopify Payments.

Any payments types that you use in Erply can be added into your Shopify webstore, too.

Tax Information

You can now import tax information from Erply into Shopify, including tax-exempt customers.

This improvement makes managing your books easier by streamlining the process to calculate tax by location, calculate accurate net prices, and removing taxes — for both retail transactions and B2B sales.

GDPR Compliance

Even if your business doesn’t operate in Europe, you have the option to run a GDPR compliant store (you can never be too safe!).

  • Disable specific customer information from being sent from your Shopify webstore to your Erply account.
  • Let your customers control which of their private data is carried over from your Shopify webstore into Erply.
  • Avoid collecting customer data completely.
  • Control what product data is carried over between Erply and your Shopify webstore.

Integrate Your Shopify Webshop with Erply

Interested in integrating your Shopify webshop with Erply? Maybe you plan to start a brand new webshop?

Contact our sales team to get started! They can be reached via email at or called at 1-855-463-7759.

Already Use Erply’s Shopify Connector?

If you already use our Shopify integration, make sure you’re connector is up-to-date to enjoy these new features!

You can find Erply’s Shopify Connector in the Shopify App Store.

While you’re there, drop us a review! We’re always looking for feedback on what our customers love or what they’d like to see next.

For more info on how to use our Shopify connector, check out our Shopify section on

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