Inventory Management Software

What Is It?

Inventory management software helps you keep track of your stock, helps to manage orders, sales and deliveries. Its main purpose is to avoid overstocking or prevent a shortage of goods.

It organizes the stock information and provides different reports that are necessary to optimize the inventory and to make future plans. Inventory management software also helps to track:

  • The movement of inventory between locations.
  • Orders from suppliers and orders from clients.
  • Products that are currently moving out.
  • Goods that are running low.
  • Sales history.
  • Etc.

Besides effective reporting, it usually offers the company the possibility to put together a client database for better customer service.

Inventory Management Software by Erply Retail

Features That You Might Need

A simple inventory management software will just display a list of products and their quantities, allow to make new entries, take stock and see reports. Generally, this isn’t enough! Here is a list of features that you also might need:

  • Integrated order management, purchase management, and customer management.
  • Multi channel support – accept orders from sales representatives, physical store, phone, email or even from ecommerce sites.
  • Product details – add prices, descriptions, and pictures to items and organize them into suitable categories.
  • Barcode readers – help to speed up the process of the pick, pack, and ship. Also, help to simplify stocktaking.
  • Multiple units of measurement – you can buy a full set, but sell it by the piece.
  • Multiple warehouses – control inventories for all warehouses and easily move goods from one stock to another if necessary.
  • Manage supplier contacts – keep track of suppliers and tie products directly to suppliers for quick order creation.
  • Custom labels – print out custom labels
  • Multiple price lists – it’s easy to create special prices or discounts to a certain product or customer groups.
  • Gift cards & coupons – create, print and track
  • Sales promotions – the freedom to create rules and implement your choice of sales promotion.
  • Customer database – keep track of customer contacts for better customer service.
  • Reorder stock – automatically generate purchase orders when the stock is running low.
  • Control of user access – you can decide to share your inventory data with others
  • API (Application Programming Interface) – share your data with other web services or build your own custom apps.

How to choose the best inventory management software

Best inventory management software should have all the necessary features to make your everyday inventory tasks seamless, but it must still be easy to set up and affordable. has this kind of solution for you. We have got all the features and benefits you just read about. We also have friendly support and salespeople.

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