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No matter how large or small your company is, accurately tracking your inventory and sales will help you run a more efficient and successful business.

Efficient Inventory Management with Erply's Cloud-based Software

Not all inventory management systems are created equal. At Erply, we believe in tracking everything you do accurately and systematically.

Our inventory management software is designed to track everything you sell in a centralized, cloud location. All sizes, colors, and other additional features are easily accessible.



Our reporting tools will help you view sales and stock levels, from basic information to more detailed reports, so you can easily find how long those extra small sizes have been taking up valuable shelf space.

Manage all products across all locations and seasons from your inventory management dashboard. Add new products, create detailed descriptions, upload pictures, and change prices within the platform to update across all systems to increase sales and guarantee accuracy. Because our system keeps a history of inventory, you can more easily reconcile your counts and write-offs.


Product Information Management (PIM)

A simplified process

Inventory is complicated. You may need to keep track of prices, quantities, suppliers, warranties, and much more. Maintaining information separately increases the risk of a data mismatch.

Keep your records consistent with Erply’s inventory management system by configuring:

  • Product classifications
  • Multiple pricing options for locations & customers
  • Bulk upload product information
  • Export product information

Because Erply is cloud-based any changes made in the back office update in real-time. Updated product information also pushes to all POS devices immediately after alteration.

Inventory your way

Categorize different inventory groups, such as clearance items, and then build pricing and promotions around those categories. Sell your products on all channels (in different stores and regions) from one central catalog.

You can give your product unique codes with Erply or import your own nomenclature and coding system. Assign brands so you can track sales data. Note whether the product was domestic or imported.

Add descriptions and images to your POS and online store

  • Import data from your ERP system
  • Update product info in Erply and export to Shopify
  • Keep your employees on the same page by keeping your product databases up-to-date.

Matrix Products

Easier management of complex items

Does your store sell products that come in a variety of options, such as color, or weight? Set up matrix products in Erply to easily create and modify groups of product variations.

Create up to three different dimensions for each matrix item and populate this with different variations. Common item dimensions include:

  • Color
  • Size
  • Flavor

Charge more money for popular colors or larger styles. If certain product variations are moving slower than others, discount their prices and encourage customers to purchase them.

Creating matrix products in Erply

Creating a product as a matrix product affects how it sits in your inventory and how it’s displayed at the point of sale. Compress large inventory sets into matrix items for easier POS navigation.

Get a better understanding of your sell-through patterns by generating product reports. Capture sales data for matrix product groups and individual matrix products.

Erply ensures that your complex product information is organized for clear reporting and insights. Matrix items can be edited on the individual level or by editing the overarching parent product.


Manageable inventory cycle counts

Maintaining inventory counts can be a massive burden on a retail business, requiring many hours dedicated to taking stock or analyzing inventory counts. Use Erply’s efficient stocktaking tools to spend less time counting inventory and more time running your business.

  • Paperless Stocktaking
  • Easy Bluetooth Inventory Scanning
  • Create manageable product batches

Because Erply is cloud-based and works on virtually any device, an employee can perform a stocktaking on a tablet or mobile device. Keep a closer and more frequent watch on more costly items, those easier to lose, or ones with much higher inventory counts.

Create a new physical stocktaking in the system, and limit your activity to a specific brand, product group, or location in your warehouse.

Detailed stocktaking software

Erply makes internal stock management a breeze. Choose from different stocktaking options and semi-automate your stocktaking processes. Generate stocktaking reports to gain an overview of products that break often or are frequently reported as missing.

Stocktaking can be a huge project that requires the help of multiple employees, but you might not want every employee to have access to your stock records. Erply’s back office lets you assign specific user rights to employees, allowing you to limit what actions they can take.

Inventory Transfers

Move inventory seamlessly on your terms

Inventory comes and goes through your business, which involves plenty of organization. You need to know exactly what you have and where it’s supposed to be — at all times. The process is further complicated when you need to move merchandise from one location to keep up with demand.

Use Erply to track the flow of merchandise entering your store from the warehouse and products that are moved from store-to-store:

  • Inventory Transfers
  • Transfer Orders

Erply’s FIFO inventory practices ensure that inventory transfers won’t throw your cost accounting out of whack.

Inventory made easy

Why not use a system that instantly updates your inventory counts when you transfer merchandise from another location or the warehouse? Use Erply to manage your inventory transfers and ensure all of your stores are well-stocked.

Manage inventory transfers on the cloud. Login to Erply from anywhere and set up the transfer process for merchandise. All product data is transferred within the system.

Immediately move inventory from one location to another or set up a receiving process. Erply will update your inventory’s location after a transfer order is created.

Mobile WMS

Process inventory from your smartphone

Use Erply’s mobile WMS to manage your inventory more effectively. Use the warehouse management app to count inventory or initiate an existing transfer order. Whether you’re in a warehouse or on a shop floor, you can connect a scanner and get to work.

  • Increase the accuracy of your inventory counts.
  • Boost employee productivity.
  • Cut down time to fulfill orders

Erply WMS takes the hassle out of managing your inventory. Search for purchase orders from the stocktaking app and scan items to fulfill them.

Using the Erply WMS

Erply WMS creates a more transparent workflow and ensures all of your warehouse processes are effectively managed. Easily create or complete orders waiting to be received, fulfilled, or transferred.

Pull products into inventory quickly, and get them out to customers or different store locations. Scan inventory and quickly complete a transfer order to a location that’s low on stock.

Scanning items as they come in automatically creates a digital record in Erply, reducing the time it would take to manually enter individual entries.

Inventory Registrations & Write-offs

Account for every item & keep track of your tax information

Accurately recording your inventory can make a huge impact on your taxes and overall profits. Leverage Erply to maintain good accounting practices by tracking inventory trends and storing permanent inventory records.

Erply inventory management ensures that you can capture every specific detail about your product counts and maintain a high level of accuracy.

Erply lets you set up user rights, so you can choose which employees have access to your inventory counts. Grant employees access to register and write-off inventory or restrict their access so they can only view a history of inventory registration.

Inventory Registrations

Easily keep stock levels high across all store locations. Use inventory registrations to:

  • Increase stock levels in the system
  • Adjust for miscounts after a stocktaking
  • View receipt of goods without a purchase order
Inventory Write-offs

Ensure unsaleable inventory is factored appropriately into your company’s PNL. Possible reasons for a write-off may include:

  • Damaged or stolen items
  • Items that have expired or depreciated beyond the ability to sell
  • Donations

Supplier Management

Take control of your supplier relationships

As your business grows, it’s likely that your list of suppliers will grow even faster. Each supplier might have different points of contact, different payment terms and tax rates, different delivery terms, and even different currency. With Erply you can:

  • Organize by business type
  • Assign an account manager
  • Store tax rates and currency
  • Store multiple contacts at each supplier

Use Erply to organize your list of suppliers, track their shipments, and build lasting supplier relationships.

Easily manage your suppliers

You might keep track of dozens, even hundreds or thousands of suppliers. Since Erply is cloud-based, you can find supplier information anytime, anywhere.

Add a new supplier or modify shipment information for your stores. Check the status of a shipment and quickly reach out to your suppliers when needed.

Do your West-coast stores order from different suppliers than your East-coast stores? Do your suppliers have seasonal pricing for some items or do they carry stock for limited time periods? Erply can be used to keep track of price variations across all of your suppliers.

Flexible purchasing options to fit your business

Erply’s purchasing management tools are designed to fit the specific needs of your business. Specify ordering and shipment preferences and customize the process for each store location.

  • Set min/max reorder thresholds and auto-generate a PO.
  • Track shipment status and identify what’s overdue.
  • Set up price lists for different suppliers.

Establish user rights to determine how much access your employees have to purchase documents. Every document is stored as a permanent, digital record.

If you’re managing large quantities of purchase orders, Erply makes it easy to organize your documents and inventory levels. Sort purchase documents with filters, like supplier or deadline. Receive partial orders and track undelivered items.

Using Erply’s purchasing tools

Use Erply to track purchase order status to see what is confirmed or pending. Erply can also be used to receive invoices, calculate net totals and warehouse values, and send orders by email.

Erply allows for flexible purchase orders to suit your business’ needs.

  • Convert a PO to an invoice and receive the items.
  • Skip the PO/invoice process – use an inventory registration.
  • Create a PO from a Sales Order if any items aren’t in stock.

Review your inventory line-by-line and evaluate items that haven’t been ordered in a while.

With Erply you can send purchase orders to suppliers via email or as a printout. Both can easily be customized with your company logo and font.

Stock Replenishment

Keep your shelves stocked with best-selling merchandise

No two businesses have the same merchandise needs or sales demands. Use Erply’s stock replenishment reports to define your reordering thresholds and quickly create purchase orders.

Keep your inventory fully stocked at all times by semi-automating:

  • Inventory Reorder Point
  • Inventory Restock Level

Forget about eyeballing your inventory levels. Erpy’s stock replenishment reports allow you to see what items you’re running low on at a glance and quickly take action.

Replenishing your stock with Erply

When you generate a stock replenishment report, Erply will highlight all items with an inventory count below your defined threshold. You can choose to manually order inventory from their product cards, or create bulk imports.

Erply gives you complete control over your inventory management. After completing a stock replenishment report, you can choose to create a purchase order or make an inventory transfer from a location with excess inventory.

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