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Grow Your Retail Business With Better Inventory Management Software

No matter how large or small your company is, accurately tracking your inventory and sales will help you run a more efficient and successful business.

Wasted shelf space and excess inventory are enemies that often result in costly waste. If you’re not tracking inventory, you have no way of knowing for sure what’s really selling and what should and shouldn’t be ordered.

Our end-to-end solution helps brick & mortar and e-commerce stores track everything that comes in and out to minimize up-front inventory costs and maximize profits while always ensuring the appropriate number of items are on hand.

Benefits of Erply’s Inventory Management Software

Not all inventory management systems are created equal. Here at Erply, we believe in tracking everything you do accurately and systematically.

Our inventory management software is designed to track everything you sell, including all sizes, colors, and bonus features, all in one location. Our reporting tools will help you view sales and stock levels at a high level for each product, all the way down to more detailed reports as to which style is selling quickest and how long those extra small sizes have been sitting around, taking up valuable shelf space.

Manage all products across all locations and seasons from your inventory management dashboard. Add new products, create detailed descriptions, upload pictures, and change prices within the platform to update across all systems to increase sales and guarantee accuracy. And, because the system keeps a history of inventory, you can more easily reconcile your counts and write-offs.

Erply’s Inventory Management System Will:

  • Keep Stock Costs Low — learn what’s selling and make better purchasing decisions.
  • Eliminate Order Mistakes
  • Manage FIFO Inventory Processes
  • Maintain Client and Customer Databases
  • Empower Employees to Work More Efficiently
  • Identify Items to Reorder and Alert to Low Stock
  • Automatically Track Inventory Across All Locations

 Multichannel Support

Our centralized system makes it easy to place and track all sales from multiple locations including online, in-store, phone, email, and even sales made by regional sales representatives.

Run Erply’s warehouse report and get a bird’s eye view of inventory levels across all your location.

Inventory Transfers

Erply helps facilitate the transfer of goods between locations, or from a central warehouse. Log in to the system from anywhere and transfer items to fulfill an order or balance out your stock counts across locations. Just designate what you’re transferring, where it’s going, and any relevant information attached to the item will be transferred along with it in the records. Keep track of discounts, prices, and margins as you transfer items from one location to another.

Supplier Management

Whether you have 1 supplier or 100, you need to keep up with their information. Erply features built-in supplier management through the back office. By entering all of your data into the system, you create an easily searchable catalog for every supplier. Track your suppliers in a centralized database. See who offers the best prices, who delivers reliably and quickly.

Stock Replenishment Workflow

With Erply, you can run an interactive stock replenishment report, select any or all items in your inventory that fall below your predetermined restock levels, and instantly create a purchase order that brings the stock back up to the amount you prefer.

Matrix Products and Pricing

When one product is offered with a variety of options (like size and color), they can be set up as a matrix product, showing all options within a single product listing. The system will recognize each as a unique item to help you determine what to reorder while keeping your product database clean and easy to navigate.

Reports are available at the overall product level and at the individual item level to help you better understand your sell-through patterns.

First In, First Out (FIFO)

Erply calculates inventory costs using a FIFO method, First-in, First-out. It’s easier to account for changes in product cost and ensures that your profit calculations are accurate. Each piece of inventory sold is based on the constantly changing prices in your purchase orders – meaning that once your oldest batch is completely sold, your Cost of Goods Sold is recalculated and your inventory price-per-item changes. This means you get a more accurate reflection of your price-per-item of inventory during an accounting period.

Upgrade to Erply for Better Inventory Management

Our automated system will help you manage inventory across all locations, track orders, sales, and deliveries while keeping costs low.

Reduce administrative headaches and ensure the best customer service with the accurate and reliable product and customer information all located in one centralized and secure system.

Erply’s Inventory Management Software will help you ensure you always have what you need, when you need it, and never too much.

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