Inventory Transfers


  • Track Every Move in Your Inventory. Whether it’s coming or going, track and manage the flow of merchandise entering your store from the warehouse or going store-to-store with one system.
  • Manage Inventory Transfer with the Cloud. Login to Erply from anywhere and set up the transfer process for merchandise. All product data including the cost of goods, margins, etc is transferred to the system.
  • Avoid Complications with Inventory Transfer. You make the choice for what happens to merchandise in the inventory transfer process — put it on hold or remove them — and Erply responds, so it can’t be accidentally sold.
  • A Smart Warehouse Transfer System. Inventory that moves from a warehouse to a retail location is immediately moved when you save the transfer document. Erply gives you up-to-date inventory counts. You can even copy an existing transfer to repeat the process.
  • Create a Delivery Act Instantly. Ensure inventory is correctly received by creating and printing a signature delivery act to attach to the order.


Move Inventory Seamlessly on Your Terms

Inventory comes and goes through your business, which involves plenty of organization. You need to know what you have and where it’s supposed to be at all times. The process is further complicated when you need to move merchandise from one location to keep up with demand.

Why not have a system that instantly updates your inventory counts when you transfer merchandise from another location or the warehouse?


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With Erply, you manage your inventory transfers with just a few clicks. Before Erply, moving inventory meant physically removing the merchandise or labeling it to not be sold. Now you can transfer items and the system updates according to your settings.

You just designate what you’re transferring, where it’s going, and any relevant information attached to the item will be transferred along with it in the records. Keep track of discounts, prices, and margins as you transfer items from one location to another.


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As stock arrives at its destination, Erply has a transfer order you can retrieve and match against the physical received product. Any mistakes in the shipment can be noted, with the system saving the details for a future warehouse transfer.

Processing and receiving shipment is an important process, and having a signature required makes sure that delivery is successful. Erply allows you to make a delivery act to print out and attach to the stock. If inventory is done on behalf of a customer, Erply makes it simple to update the invoice waybill straight from your transfer.

Keep tabs on your inventory movement at all times. Erply makes inventory transfer and warehouse transfer efficient. Try it today.


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