Learn.ERPLY: A New Way to Train Your Team

“A carpenter is only as good as his tools,” but even the best tools can be frustrating if you don’t know how to use them. 


Our team at ERPLY has created an updated user manual so that any business, big or small, will feel comfortable with the tools they are given. If you’re a new customer that doesn’t know where to start, an existing customer that needs a refresher, or an owner that needs a training manual for their employees, head on over to learn.erply.com. Our new page layout feels more like a book and less like a website. Each guide leads into the next as you “turn pages” in the User Guide.

After completing each guide, a checkmark will appear next to the title so that you won’t need to worry about remembering where you left off. The guides and tutorials range from using the Point of Sale, to using the Back Office for Inventory Management. We even have a Self Onboarding Guide for beginners that covers all the basics to setting up an account from scratch. At ERPLY, we don’t want you to feel like we get in the way of making sales, we want to be the way you make sales.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 4.17.50 PM

Learn.ERPLY can even be used to test new and existing employees on the software. Do you know the different ways of setting up promotions? Can you tell the difference between Inventory and the Product Catalog? Jump to the bottom of the page to our quizzes to see just how much you know.

Our quizzes are great for training existing employees and new hires to alike to make sure they have a proficient understanding of the system. With the improved tutorials and step by step guides, it’s easier than ever for new hires to be trained, tested, and on the floor with all the knowledge they need to help make your business the best it can be.


Something missing? Need some help? Send an email over to our Technical Support Team (support@erply.com) with your questions or suggestions, and we’ll be sure to help you one on one.

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