Module Of The Month: Purchase Invoice Inbox

Accounting can be very time consuming and frustrating. Having practical and easy solutions to your daily challenges can save you a lot of time. In this article, we will talk about few of the special features of Erply Books that can make many things convenient for you.

Purchase Invoice Inbox module is one of the practical features that Erply Books offers. You can easily create purchase invoices and receive invoices in an organised way. If you have been manually adding purchase invoices into your system, then this feature can make your job a lot easier.

Purchase Invoice Inbox

This feature helps you to automate your purchasings, easily create purchase invoices and saves you time.

Purchase invoice inbox module allows you to collect your purchase invoices from your suppliers to one place automatically. It works with a special mail address which is given by Erply Books to you. When a supplier sends an invoice to this email address, the invoice will automatically be stored. After that, you can find the invoice in the “pending files” section and easily create purchase invoices from it. You can also send your invoices with a mail to not upload them separately and save time.



In order to make creating new documents convenient, Erply Books’s system reads all the data from the sent invoices. It prepares the invoice for you by scanning the information from the invoices in the emails. This also makes it possible to automate recording inventory purchase invoices. Also, Erply Books searches for products according to the product code on the sent invoice.

You can store your original invoices, copies and other accounting documents in one place and securely access them from anywhere. Automatic backups and safe data transferring make Erply Books a secure and reliable partner. Watch this video for a detailed guideline about the purchase invoice inbox module.

Bank Import

Bank import feature allows you to connect the transactions with invoices. Once you add bank statements, Erply Books tries to recognise transactions from there and connect them with the invoices and different accounts.  

When you upload your file, Erply Books automatically connects payments with corresponding invoices. You can adjust the rules of the module and can make this procedure completely automatic. ERPLY Books supports PayPal and all the Australia and New Zealand bank statement importings. Watch this video for a detailed guideline about the bank import module.

Erply Books can make many things convenient for you. It saves you time by creating practical solutions and makes accounting much easier. You can integrate ERPLY Books with any other system or Erply POS any time you want. Follow our blog to read about our other modules.

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