Module of the Month: Erply Books’ Purchase Invoice Inbox

Business accounting can be a very time consuming and frustrating task, so having practical and easy solutions to help manage its daily challenges can save you a lot of time and exasperation In this article, we will cover a few of the special features of Erply Books that make balancing the books simple and convenient for you.

Purchase Invoice Inbox

Erply Books’ Purchase Invoice Inbox module is just one of the many practical features that Erply Books offers. With it, you can easily automate your purchasing, create purchase invoices and receive invoices in an organised way. 

The purchase invoice inbox module allows you to automatically gather purchase invoices from your suppliers in one place. It works thanks to a special e-mail address provided to you by Erply Books, which. When a supplier sends an invoice to this email address, the invoice will automatically be recognised and stored in your Erply POS. Afterward, you’ll find the invoice in the “pending files” section of the Purchase Invoice Inbox and can easily create purchase invoices from it.

If your past workflows ever involved having to manually add purchase invoices to your POS system, then this feature can make your job a whole lot easier.

You can also send your invoices with a mail to not upload them separately and save time.

In order to make creating new documents as convenient as possible, Erply Books’ system reads all the data from sent invoices. It prepares the invoice for you by scanning the information from the invoices in the emails received. This also makes it possible to automate the recording of inventory purchase invoices. What’s more, Erply Books searches for products according to their product code within sent invoices.

As far as accessibility and security, Erply Books has your back. You’ll be able to manage your original invoices, copies and other accounting documents in one place and securely access them from anywhere. Automatic backups and safe data transferring make Erply Books a secure and reliable tool for any business. Watch this video for a detailed explanation of the purchase invoice inbox module.

Bank Import

Erply Books’ Bank Import module allows you to connect transactions to invoices. Once you upload bank statements to your account, Erply Books will work to recognise transactions from them and connect them with their corresponding invoices and accounts.  

 If you wish, you can adjust the rules of the of the Bank Import module to make this procedure completely automatic. Erply Books supports the import of bank statements from PayPal and all Australian and New Zealand banks.. Watch this video for a detailed explanation about Erply Books’ Bank Import Module.

As you can see, Erply Books makes many of business accounting’s most time-consuming tasks much easier to complete. It saves you time by offering practical, automated solutions; time that you can spend working on growing your business in other ways. 

You can integrate Erply Books with any other system or the Erply POS at any time.

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