Netvisor Connector

Netvisor is a versatile cloud-based accounting system for financial administration in Finland.
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Integration features include:

  • Transactions (including returns) daily voucher transmission from Erply to Netvisor
  • Open sales as unpaid invoices transmission from Erply to Netvisor
  • Payments for open sales from Netvisor to Erply

Integration connector

The setup is very easy. After the interface activation a new menu part will appear – Netvisor

To start the transmission user must enter Netvisor’s Customer ID, Customer key and Organization ID and thats it! First transmission will start at the end of the same day.

On this print screen you see an active integration with full setup.

On the top left side you will see when the next synchronization should be.

If needed it is possible to put the synchronization on Pause

And then when needed, to Resume:

User interface Help menu

Should you run into any issues all functions and troubleshooting is explained in the Help menu.

The full Help document will be displayed.

If a transmission should fail, you will see for example such text. Click on the View full message and it will tell you how to resolve the issue.

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