New Integration From ERPLY: zipPay

ERPLY is a cloud-based platform, built for integration. Whether you need to create a multi-channel retail solution that integrates your physical stores with e-Commerce platforms or sync your store with an existing accounting software, we have an integration that will work for you and enhance the success of your business.

ERPLY Australia’s latest integration partnership with zipPay allows customers to buy now and pay later, interest-free. Providing zipPay online and in-store can benefit your business in a multitude of ways. Allowing your customers choice in their payment methods at the checkout has not only been shown to grow customer revenue but also improve engagement with shoppers in the long run. 

How It Works

zipPay provides flexibility to your customers by allowing them access to a digital wallet up to $1000, enabling them to shop both online and in-store and check out with a full repayment term. Zip settles all the transactions into your nominated bank account on the same-day of purchase and also takes responsibility for all credit and fraud risks. While merchants get their payment within the same day, you are not responsible for collecting any consumer payments or defaults. zipPay collects the repayments back from the customer over time.

Merchants pay one small flat fee (%) per transaction, so you only pay when you sell. zipPay doesn’t require any setup fee or monthly charges.

What Zip Can Do For You

With an average 45% increase in basket size – up to 200% in some cases – Zip allows a customer to make a much larger transaction than they would have perhaps done so with other payment methods. Flexible, interest-free repayments on a customer’s own terms mean a shopper is 50% more likely to choose Zip at the checkout next time they shop with one of the 4,000+ retailers. With over half a million people who are using zipPay, Zip’s shopper network can bring about an 80% increase to order value, and a 30% jump in sales.

You can read more about zipPay from here.

Integrating to zipPay and other payment methods with Erply help you to improve your business. Providing flexibility to your customers motivates them to visit your store more often. A customer can shift their mind if their preferred payment method does not exist in your store. On the other hand, offering alternatives to the consumers can give them an extra reason to chose yours over your competitors. You can check our other integrations from here. Follow our blog to hear about the future integrations!

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