Newsletter: August 2023

What have we been up to?

Used product sales 
We have implemented a new feature that lets you differentiate between regular and used products.
Many places all over the world have different tax laws for selling used products, where you only need to pay VAT from the sales margin. Erply now supports this.
Read more about it HERE!

New back office menu
We have a new menu! Now, don’t worry, all of the functions are the same. 
The idea with the new menu is that it is more customizable – you can link more important items to the menu bar for quicker access and move items around.

Read more about the menu HERE!

Two-Factor Authentication
We now support 2FA for Erply! 

Printing Optimization
We optimized browser-based printing from the POS.

Zapier Integration
Zapier allows you to connect your Erply account to different applications that we do not yet have a direct integration for.
Read more about it HERE!

Integration with Pointy
Showcase your items on Google! Bring people into your store by showing your quality stock items as search results on the most used search engine.
The integration will become available within the following month. Keep an eye on our socials for extra information!

Release Notes

POS Brazil Version 4.51.6 26.06.2023
POS Brazil Version 4.51.7 06.07.2023
Classic Back Office Version 4.72.1 26.06.2023
Classic Back Office Version 4.73.0 07.07.2023
Classic Back Office Version 4.74.0 19.07.2023
Classic Back Office Version 4.75.0 02.08.2023
Berlin Back Office Version 5.66.0 07.07.2023
Berlin Back Office Version 5.67.0 19.07.2023
Berlin Back Office Version 5.68.0 02.08.2023
API Version 1.96.0 07.07.2023
API Version 1.97.0 19.07.2023
API Version 1.98.0 02.08.2023

What are we going to focus on?

Partial Pickup Order
One of the goals we would like to reach is implementing the partial pickup order functionality. That means that customers will be able to pick up part of their order or purchase at your brick-and-mortar store while the second part is, for example, still arriving from your supplier.

Amazon Reseller Integration
A major goal we are going to be focusing on now is integrating with Amazon! As one of the major “online shopping centers”, we want to provide our customers with the opportunity to sell their items there as well, if they so choose.

Classic Back Office Isn’t Going Anywhere

We’ve heard that some people are quite anxious about the back office layouts, so let us make this clear here and now: no one is going to be forced to change their layout. In fact, we are still releasing updates for both versions.

The main difference between the two versions is that Berlin is simpler in its looks and functions, and has mobile support. Classic is more powerful and looks more “retro”, if I’m allowed to say that about software that’s barely ten years old.

The Classic back office is currently being remade module by module in our new application (keep an eye out for these newsletters to learn more about it!), but the functions and the looks will remain the same.

What is WMS?

We wanted to tell you more about our Warehouse Management System as well, while we have your attention.

Our WMS application is meant for companies with multiple and/or large warehouses. WMS does exactly what the name says – it helps you manage your warehouses.

Have you ever found yourself (or your employees) wandering around a warehouse, looking for a product that you’re supposed to have one left of? Well, that won’t be a worry with WMS. You will have exact locations of products in all of your warehouses for easy access whenever needed. 

Stocktaking with WMS is easier than ever! Allow multiple workers to scan items with their own scanners without anything getting mixed up. Big warehouses are no longer a problem!

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