Newsletter: June 2021

Need a helping hand with customer checkouts? Try Erply Self Checkout (SCO) – a user-friendly retail POS software that lets customers checkout on their own!



Your company can benefit from our new self service software in all stores, warehouses and agencies. It will help you save time for employees and also for customers.

With Erply Self Checkout, employees can now invest all their energy into assisting customers and driving sales.

Erply Self Checkout is particularly suitable for businesses where representation must be constant, but sales per hour are not very high. Erply software allows the customer to make a purchase, get a receipt and register sales and inventory for the company, all through self-service. All of these features and much more are included in the Erply standard package.

More information here. To request a demo, please contact our Customer Support (

Focus on selling, not billing!

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