Notification Service

ERPLY’s SMS Notifications Service

We are excited to announce that we have completed development on the first version of ERPLY’s Notifications Service!

The first version allows customers to send out SMS notifications for sales documents and completed work orders. The service is currently using a Twilio integration.
Customers are able to create predefined notification templates and use variables inside the templates to send out personalised notifications (customer name, document number, document sum etc).

E-Mail Notifications

It is possible to set up automated emails for:

  • Orders
  • Invoice-Waybills
  • Receipts (POS Sales)

For each document type the user can create a separate template, set the “from” name, define what the status of the document must be, enable/disable including of PDF order/invoice/receipt.
Variables can also be used in the email body, the same way as it is with SMS notifications.

Currently the services will be added to ERPLY accounts based on customer´s request. If interested, please contact our Customer Support team at

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