Omni Steel Supply is ERPLY’s Customer of the Month!

Located in New York and Maryland, Omni Steel Supply is our Featured Customer of the Month! They have been a long time committed customer of ERPLY for over 4 years. When we interviewed them, they told us that ERPLY helped their business tremendously in both inventory organization and ease of growth. Omni is the go-to steel and aluminum company for their industry, so they handle the diverse needs of all sorts of consumers. We at ERPLY are thrilled to be able to highlight their business!

Since 2011, Omni Steel Supply has been setting themselves apart from their competition through their dedication to helping customers. They pride themselves in going the extra mile for any specific requests a customer may throw their way. They do custom fabrication requests and can back nonstandard size orders for their customer’s per request. They are the client orientated company that ironworkers, contractors, and DIY individuals are looking for. They even have a webshop where customers can order and pay for items if needed.


After their initial launch with ERPLY nearly five years ago, Omni Steel has been very self-sufficient in finding the best ways to use our system for their unique workflows. When we asked about what they’d like to share with other customers, they told us that their favorite feature was not a feature at all, simply stating, “The software is very easy to learn and use.”

We asked them about the unique aspects of their day to day, and how ERPLY was able to work with their processes. They have been using the customer and inventory tracking aspects for nearly every client and piece of inventory. “ERPLY is useful to locate the necessary information for particular products or customers in the same place.”

Every new company has their fair share of struggles to overcome. Omni Steel told us they had a handful of issues with proper reports and tracking inventory costs. Through the use of ERPLY’s detailed reports, they were able to Generate Useful Reports calculating accurate COGS. For businesses that need detailed reports, ERPLY even has a Custom Report Generator. Here, ERPLY users can build a report that works best for them.

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