Online Cash Register

Online cash register is a web-based point of sale software that allows you to transact sales from different POS terminals. It also allows you to manage your business from any place and location with an internet connection. With web-based cash register you can also ease the POS transactions, simplify credit card payments and run multiple checkouts.

It provides up-to-date and realtime reporting on your sales by stores and you don’t need additional servers or software for this. All you need to do is log in and you have full overview to all transactions of the cash register.

Online Cash Register


Back-ups are also unnecessary because the cloud system saves everything into fail-proof cloud so you can always continue where you left off – online cash register provider takes care of all backups and recovery. And also help-desk.

How Does It Work?

Basically it is possible to turn most mobile devices (PC, Mac, tablet, iOS or Android) into a web-based cash register. It works online, but if needed it can also be used offline. Whenever you log in you are able to continue your unfinished actions and when you have internet connection you can refresh the data within a minute.

Online cash register is also cost effective because you don’t need to buy special or new POS hardware or software to start using it. All you need is an account (create it here) and you’re ready to go. But if you wish the register can be integrated with optional point-of-sale equipment like bar code scanners, receipt printers, cash drawers, or card swipers.

Why You Should Use It?

1. You can easily integrate online cash register with other (online) systems.
2. You can connect as many POS registers with it as you wish.
3. You can integrate it with Google Analytics, which allows you to track how your business is doing.
4. You can store all your receipts and thereby analyse the buying habits of your customers.
5. Employees can use their own devices when working for you. You just have to give them the access.
6. Customers can use their appliances to browse the products and buy or order them through the system.
7. You can send digital receipts to your clients.
8. It works even if the internet connection is lost.
9. If the cash register shuts down due to some error you are later able to continue from the same place where it stopped.



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