Organise Your Day To Day Accounting With Erply Books

Erply Books has many features to help you to organize your day to day accounting tasks. With the report generator, you can easily create custom reports according to your needs. Reporting will help you to monitor your queries and much more! Let’s take a look at some of the features of Erply Books to organize your daily accounting.

Report Generator

Report generator feature is very easy to use and gives you the freedom to create reports according to your needs. You can create simple queries by filling only two fields. Tables enable you to choose the data you want to display e.i invoices, transactions, contacts.

The details of the reports can be also customised. Many software generates reports that include data you don’t actually need and make harder for you to monitor the results you want. Erply Books allows you to choose the information you want to display on your reports.

You can specify this from the output. For example, when creating a report about invoices, you may not want info about the invoice currency type or its VAT percent. But, you may need info about the invoice creation date and sum. You can customise what you want to see from output section.


Detailed Queries For You

In some cases, merchants need more detailed information about their invoices, transactions etc. Being able to put different filters allows you to monitor your results according to a specific period of time, specific keywords etc.

You can always add a new search parameter to create an extra field in your report. For example, you may need to see your invoices that is belong to a specific period of time. Just create a query that searches for the creation date of invoices. For example “invoices created before the 4th of March”. Or, you may want to display specific contacts with keywords such as, “organizations that have the word “sport” inside their name”.

With the detailed queries, you can easily reach the actual information you want.

Organised E-Mails

E-mails are the big part of our daily work and it can be hard to keep up with it when you have other workloads. On the other hand, making sure that your email reached to your contact can be critical. Knowledge about opened and returned emails can give important information to you on how to continue with your accounting.

Erply Books also allows you to monitor the status of your emails via report generator. Your emails could be “bounced” and not reach to your contact. Especially when you are sending emails to massive lists, it is essential to know who did and who did not receive your email. On the other hand, you can also see your opened and unopened emails, in a specific period of time. Being able to follow the status of your emails will help you to improve your communication with your partners and fasten many processes which can be slowed down by miscommunications.

You can always check our detailed guide to the report generator and monitoring emails feature. Or, you can contact us from

You can find @Erply_Australia on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn!

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