EMV Payments in US

EMV (also known as chip & PIN) cards are standard bank cards that contain embedded microprocessors. EMV chip cards help to enhanced security against fraud compared to legacy magnetic stripe cards. As of 2015, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express have announced US merchants will be financially responsible for any fraudulent activity resulting from use of magnetic stripe cards. To be not affected by liability shift merchants will need to upgrade their payment technology to a EMV enabled solution. With ERPLY you can be ready for the EMV liability shift. We support following payment providers and payment devices for accepting PIN & Chip payment. All integrations have successfully gone through certification and testing period. Below are our integrated payment methods that support EMV.

Cayan Genius: Verifone MX915/925


Supported products: Berlin POS

Supported operating systems: Windows, OSX, iOS, Android

Supported POS hardware: PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android tablets

Features: Credit, PIN Debit, EMV, Apple Pay

Cayan Genius solution is designed to support the most number operating systems without the need to install any additional software. Setup for this device is as easy as connecting it to the same local network as the POS terminals and adding the Cayan provided credentials to your ERPLY account. The POS communicates to the device over HTTPS protocol. You can learn more about the full setup here.

Element TriPOS: Verifone MX915/925


Supported products: Berlin POS

Supported operating systems: Windows

Supported POS hardware: PC

Features: Credit, PIN Debit, EMV, Manual Entry

The biggest advantage of Element TriPOS solution its direct connection to the POS terminal over USB. While TriPOS requires software installed on the POS computer, its one time setup and direct connection means you won't have to worry once it's up and running. The Verifone MX915/925 is connected to computer using USB. There is a TriPOS service that needs to be installed along with ERPLY Device Integrator. You can learn more details about TriPOS setup here.

Verifone POINT: Verifone VX520


Supported products: Berlin POS, Windows POS

Supported operating systems: Windows, OSX

Supported POS hardware: PC, Mac

Features: Credit, PIN Debit, EMV, Manual Entry, Store and Forward

The Verifone POINT solution is an alternative approach to EMV. The solution needs to be used along with a backend processor / acquirer of your choice. This is the only solution that we’ve currently integrated with our Windows POS product. For true offline support we’ve also implemented Store and Forward functionality. This will enable the device to accept payments even when offline! Once a connection to the Internet is restored, the device will pass the payment on to the processing server. The device needs to be connected to the same local network  (connected to same router) over Ethernet as the POS terminals . POS communicates to the device over HTTPS protocol, but requires EDI (External Device Integrator) to be used.