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“Madvapes started as an e-business, opened their first brick-and-mortar shop in 2013; currently operates 107 physical stores. The market is profitable – there are millions of people in the world in the process of quitting smoking.” Mark Hoodendoom, Head of Madvapes

Madvape's experience with PIM

How were Madvapes used to organize their products and prices before PIM?

E-liquid, Devices, Brand Names, Tanks, and Accessories are all of Madvapes categories related to the goods that madvapes are selling. These categories need to be very well organized so they can be synchronized between different parties: Customer, Cashier, and Manager.

Better business decisions with PIM

The customer enters the store and starts looking for his/her preferred vape device, proceed to the shop representative and ask him if this product is still available. The representative needs to take at least between 10 to 15 minutes as he should check in the system what’s the model, description, label, price, and availability.

Use Product Bundles to grow your sales

Today, Madvapes are creating product bundles using PIM and initiating new marketing and sales strategy using these features.

Have you heard before about “Hidden bundles”

When customers purchase a vape device, they need obviously some other mandatory accessories which are liquid and tanks. Through these hidden bundles, Madvapes is able today to associate some accessories to their primary products by adding new bundles and creating a great deal for their shoppers.



Order and Manage different cheese stocks from your PIM: Easy management of complex items

From traditional Product Management System  to a Cloud-based PIM

Dobbs and Bishop are providing different variety of cheese that requires a high level of synchronization between suppliers and their current stock or available products.

Using Production batches smartly

PIM is helping this international cheese shop to create a list of brands, synchronize with suppliers where they can navigate easily between names and groups, and link their production batches to the right suppliers

A fully connected cheese production workflow

Whether at home, on the road, or on location, Chef Cabera can easily organize the supplier’s contracts and conditions, create different product groups and batches and assign it to a list of brands: All the cheese is stocked in the cloud !

Streamlined complex steel items

Streamlined complex steel items in the metals manufacturing industry
All your products locators and steel services are in one place

Omni Steel Supply is using today our PIM services to create matrix dimensions: create different subdivisions like product locator and the different steel services associated based on very specific and personalized criteria: size, materials, and measurements.

The power of reports in PIM

After organizing all the product data, Omni steel supply used to generate sales, orders, and costs reports to maintain a scalable inventory management system: Organizing different distribution channels, personalizing their product catalog, and making business decisions based on analytics.

Stop making manual decisions and start automating your workflows

PIM lets you enter all different data, convert your product raw information into a personalized workflow where you can see all your operations in one place: Start focusing on smart decisions to scale your business.

Product data

Sales teams that need both accurate and updated product data at all times

Import data from your ERP system, Update product info by adding descriptions and images, and maintain your sales team on the same page by keeping your product databases up-to-date

Popular features for sales teams in PIM

– Product Classifications
– Multiple pricing options for locations and customers
– Export Product information

Content Updates

Ecommerce directors that need to provide the latest content updates

Ecommerce managers can use the integration panel to set up multiple WooCommerce stores from the product information management feature: set-up price lists for different sales campaigns, map shipping fees and then assign a warehouse for every integration. All the products will always be synced and accurate

Popular features for eCommerce directors

– Matrix products for easier management of complex items
– Categorize different inventory groups
– Import or create a nomenclature and coding system

Campaigns across numerous channels

Develop and adjust campaigns across numerous channels
Marketing Teams that need to develop and adjust campaigns across numerous channels

By using the product bundles of PIM, Marketing Teams can reduce existing inventory, decrease distribution costs and push new products without implementing a launch strategy by simplifying the marketing mix

Popular features for Marketing team

– Product Catalog Bundles
– Bundles and Product Cards
– Matrix Dimensions

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