POS Hardware Implementation

Hardware Roster

One of the first steps to on-boarding with ERPLY is determining the hardware roster that will be used during this project. This is a list of all machines and peripherals that the customer currently owns and intends on using with ERPLY.

From here, ERPLY works with the customer to make a list of any needed upgrades or additions suggested or necessary to obtain the results the customer is looking for. ERPLY is ‘hardware agnostic’ by which we mean that being a Web/browser-based solution, we are able to use almost any hardware that your computer can run, which means we can keep upgrades/switches to a minimum.

Fill in the Gaps

Common setups include the following hardware and peripherals and each should be considered within the scope and goals of any particular customer set up:

  • Platform: Computer + Monitor or 2-in-1
  • Second screen for customer-facing display (can be a touchscreen for more customer interaction)
  • Mouse/keyboard
  •  Internet connection and attendant networking – minimum 2Mb/S upload 1Mb/S download
  • Printer per POS
  •  Cash Drawer per POS – cash drawers must be ‘printer driven’
  • Barcode scanner – USB or Bluetooth
  • Credit card swiper hardware – Options dependant on processor elected
  •  Back up unit for offline/internet down CC processing – ERPLY suggest a phone line processor for least disruption should an internet droppage occur Ordering Hardware
  •  ERPLY is experienced in pulling together packages of hardware for every need and can advise you on your purchase, or get you in touch with a supplier.
  •  ERPLY does maintain a relationship with POS hardware suppliers and can order hardware for our Enterprise level customers.
  •  Since we do not mark up the hardware, and we don’t get a huge discount, we also encourage customers to bring hardware deals they’ve found to the table to get the best deal they can.
  • Alternatively, we are happy to act as a ‘full service’ POS supplier and provide a whole-cloth solution.

Notes on setup

ERPLY runs best on Chrome or Firefox browsers. Some customers will want to take their processor’s swiper options into account when selecting a PC or Apple platform to run on.

Peripherals are large ‘plug and play’; ERPLY will help you configure any device which can be operated from a correctly installed driver for the device. We are often helpful getting to that state as well, but acknowledge that the manufacturers of devices can often troubleshoot and help our customers on their hardware faster and more efficiently than we can.

Input devices, other than a credit card swiper, should be in Keyboard mode. This is applicable mostly to barcode scanners, or gift card swipers.

Hardware Configuration for Launch

For launch day we have two support packages to choose from based on your needs, staffing, and budget.

Basic package: For your first launch ERPLY will be with you via screenshare to make your first test sale on the day of launch, confirm you cash drawer behavior, receipts, and credit card swipe. We will have a call with you beforehand to do some credit card configuration, and check the rest of the hardware. During this time we will teach you how to install and configure your setup, and allow your team to launch any other locations without needing ERPLY intercession.

Basic Package Checklist:

  •  POS test: Auto timeout; display configuration; Login/out ability; PIN use; layout; POS association; gift card scan;
  •  Icon to desktop upon request
  • Installation of any ancillary software (iPad Comm, EDI, Services app, Developed packages)
  •  Barcode print/scan test w/ actual reports
  •  Sale test: CC swiper/receipt
  •  CC configuration
  •  Integrated HW setup (Printer, drawer, barcode scanner, gift card swiper)

Location Launch Package: ERPLY will assist, configure, and launch each location with the customer, running the basic package at each location, maintaining a hardware and issues log (to be turned over to the client after launch), and overseeing the location roll out on a pre-determined schedule.

Extra Configurations

ERPLY is a service, and as such we are sensitive to the fact that our customers have diverse needs. We have been able to provide many additional services to our customers which we charge extra for and require some extra time to launch. If you have needs, let us know so we can accommodate you. Examples of extras supplied to current customers:

  •  VPN connection and setup
  • Custom development to facilitate the use of existing hardware
  •  Integrations to specific peripherals: Scales, scanners, dual cash drawer setup
  •  Option for on-site launch
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