Product Import Tool For ERPLY POS

Uploading your product catalog to ERPLY has just become easier.  With our improvements, chances are that we can use the same file you get from your suppliers or from your previous system to import your inventory to ERPLY.


You can now try out new product import tool. It’s still a beta version, so let us know if you have difficulty. However, the new import has many advancements compared to the old product TXT import:

  • Support for CSV and Excel file formats.
  • Support for matrix products.
  • Columns are automatically mapped to ERPLY product fields if you use our predefined template.
  • You can use your own file structure and visually map it to ERPLY product fields.
  • Before you start import you can see which rows are added as a new product, which are updated and which are skipped.
  • You can view the progress of the running import.
  • Import is run in the background so you can continue with other tasks while the import is running.
  • All important features from the old TXT import are still available: price lists, stock quantities etc

Using the plugin

Log into ERPLY back office or open the back office view from ERPLY POS. Open “INVENTORY > Import products (beta)”. Please note that the plugin is not enabled for all ERPLY accounts. If you can’t find a link to the new products import module in Inventory menu, please contact and ask us to plug it in. To import matrix products, click “import matrix products” in the top-right corner of the Import options box. Matrix products can’t be imported with regular products import and vice versa.

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