Realization Warehouse AKA Resellers

Realization means that the goods issued to a customer are formalized as items moved into a realization warehouse. Erply makes creating realization inventory incredibly simple. All you need to do is indicate the inventory accordingly and, in essence, you’re ready to manage all issued goods that haven’t been cleared and check the sales of prior periods under the reports.

Erply’s realization warehouse plugin lets you create a separate inventory for a customer’s account; you can add a name and price list for each inventory. Reporting immediately reveals, which goods are in the realization warehouse – these will be indicated with RW. Just like in your main warehouse, you can supplement and approve inventory in the realization warehouse, assign minimum quantities, check inventory movements, etc.

Erply’s realization warehouse plugin lets you manage your goods’ movement from warehouse to warehouse, but you can also use the inventory stock-up report.

Note: Erply plugins are available for a one-time activation fee.

What Does the Realization Warehouse Plugin Change For You?

  • No need to fuss around with delivery notes when sending out goods;
  • No need to collect delivery notes at the end of the month to compile invoices;
  • No need to pick out items that can’t be invoiced yet.

The Realization Warehouse Plugin Lets You:

  • Keep an eye on everything with the help of a separate warehouse;
  • The reports make it clear, which products are running low and how much goods have been sent to the realization warehouse;
  • Supplement orders and movements in the warehouse;
  • Include sales prices in customer printouts;
  • Monitor inventory sales based on the customer’s sales reports.

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