Erply Berlin Back Office version 5.18.0

New Features:

  1. Support for sending e-invoices has been added.

    Please read more about e-invoice support and the required setup steps in this Help Center article: “E-invoicing in Erply”.

    Currently this functionality is limited to Estonian and Finnish accounts and requires an Omniva or Maventa account.

    The changes in this back office version are as follows:

    1. A new section "Invoicing channels" has been added to the sidebar on customer form and it contains the following fields: "E-invoice email address", "Operator ID", "EDI code". There are also two checkboxes "Email" and "E-invoice" which can be used to define whether the customer would like to receive an email or an e-invoice. Currently these checkboxes can be used for filtering only.
    2. A new filter "Invoicing channel" has been added to customer list and invoice list that allows filtering customers and invoices by customers’ invoicing channels.
    3. A new read-only field "Invoicing channels" has been added to invoice form. This field shows the invoicing channels that have been selected for the customer.
    4. New statuses for invoices have been added: "e-invoice pending", "e-invoice sent", "e-invoice sending failed"
    5. A new button "E-INVOICES" has been added to the toolbar. Clicking on the button will open a modal dialogue where it is possible to send the selected invoices to your operator by clicking "Send selected". It’s also possible to trigger updating invoice statuses by clicking "Update statuses". Button "Update statuses" doesn’t take into account the selected checkboxes but instead checks the statuses of invoices that are in back office with status "e-invoice pending".
  2. Include the word COPY to a receipt copy if receipt printing has been registered with API call "registerReceiptPrint".

  3. Configuration parameter "save_home_store_when_invoice_confirmed" has been added, to enable automatically saving customer’s home store when a sales document is confirmed.

  4. For Heartland PAX payments, receipt printouts now show field “Entry Method” and the transaction type.

  5. Actual Reports improvements:

    1. Sales document printouts, “grouped by waybills”: new fields "waybillContactName", "waybillContactEmail", "waybillContactPhone", "waybillContactMobile", "waybillContactFax" and "waybillProjectName"are available.
    2. Product parameters are now available on Inventory Transfer printouts. (The parameters on product card can be enabled as an extra module.)


  1. Greek translations were updated.
  2. “VAT” was changed to “GST” on Liberian accounts.
  3. Allow editing users without group.
  4. “Berlin back office” has been prepended to version number.
  5. The “Revenue from services” sales ledger is now used for non-stock products in Hansa export.
  6. Product’s timestamp will now be updated when a product attribute is either added, changed or deleted.


  1. Fixed: changing the matrix parent’s product cost did not change the variations’ product cost.
  2. Fixed: signing in with a session key sometimes produced an error.
  3. Fixed: clicking the button “Enter zeros for the rest of items…” or “Enter default amounts for the rest of items…” on a stocktaking sheet did not update the “Difference” column.
  4. Fixed: Erply will no longer delete a wire transfer record when user deletes a payment and there are still other payments linked to the same wire transfer.
  5. Fixed: “Added by myself” user right allowed copying a document when it was not supposed to.
  6. Fixed: when a sales document was copied then the link to assignment was copied too.
  7. Fixed: an error in FIFO inventory when deleting a purchase invoice containing the same product twice.
  8. Fixed: Export to Verp did not always populate name field (<nimi/>).

Erply Berlin Back Office version 5.17.2


  1. Support for email DMARC authentication added.


  1. Fixed: on a stocktaking sheet, the difference between counted amount and Erply’s amount was not displayed if counted amount was 0.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.17.1


  1. Fixed: searching for a product or a supplier in report generator did not work.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.17.0


  1. Searching sales documents by notes now works with “notes” field.

  2. Invoice totals and unpaid amounts on the “Payment Reminder” are now displayed with currency symbol. (All figures are always shown in default currency; the currency symbol has now been added for clarification.)

  3. Configuration setting "touchpos_allow_customers_to_redeem_regular_giftcards_with_tax"will now be applied to all new EU accounts.

  4. Zambian kwacha (ZMW) added to the list of currencies.

  5. Field “GLN Code” added to customer card.

  6. Field "customerNotes" (contents of the “Notes” field from customer card) has been added to the Actual Reports sales documents dataset.


  1. Fixed: the tab “Price lists” on product card displayed information from price lists that had already been deleted.

  2. Fixed: In Sales Report, sales tax / VAT columns containing only negative amounts were not displayed.

  3. Fixed: in a list of invoices, clicking on a document that the user did not have access permissions to, opened a different document (instead of just doing nothing).

  4. Fixed: on Document form, it was not possible to delete or reorder the files attached to the document.

  5. Fixed: in certain cases, the recipient of goods in Hansa export file was handled incorrectly.

  6. Fixed: in certain cases, warehouse price was not displayed on the first row of purchase invoice.

  7. Fixed: a main menu layout issue in Chrome 76.

  8. Fixed: a Javascript error “Uncaught ReferenceError: code is not defined at HTMLDocument.func”occurring in browser console.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.16.1


  1. Fixed: layout issue on receipt printouts.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.16.0

New Features

  1. Support for taxed gift cards has been added. This is related to EU Council Directive 2016/1065, which defines the concept of “single-purpose vouchers” and requires gift cards to be sold with VAT if possible.

    Please contact Erply customer support to receive more detailed support materials and to learn what workflows we recommend.

  2. Configuration parameter "unsuccessful_login_lockout_duration" has been added, to adjust how many minutes a user should be locked out of the system, after repeated unsuccessful log-in attempts. By default, the lock-out time is 10 minutes.


  1. Password requirements have been updated. When creating or changing a login password, the new password must now contain at least one capital letter, one small letter and one digit.

  2. Changing password on the “My preferences” page now requires entering the existing password, too.

  3. When creating a batch of recurring invoices from Sales → Recurring billing, the created invoices are now automatically selected with check boxes.

  4. An assignment printout now displays store phone number, instead of company’s general phone number.


  1. Fixed: in Retail Chain → Gift cards, searching by gift card status did not work.

  2. Fixed: “Prepayment” value was not showing up on the sales document printout in certain cases.

  3. Fixed: when adding a set of matrix variations to a sales document, Erply reset the quantities entered for those products back to 1.

  4. Fixed: When deleting an employee, the associated user account was not deleted properly.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.15.3


  1. Central Purchasing Report: orderable quantity can be now specified in packages.
  2. Optimizations in Central Purchasing Report.


  1. Fixed: when picking a product to a sales document, focus did not move to the “Amount” field.
  2. Fixed: in Central Purchasing Report, the “In Stock” quantity no longer includes the quantity being ordered from suppliers.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.15.2


  1. Fixed: when account language was set to Finnish, fields “Default templates for AR printouts”appeared in the middle of the Settings → Configuration page, not at the end.

  2. Fixed: “custom reference numbers” did not appear on printouts.

  3. Fixed: layout issue on German invoice printouts.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.15.0 - 5.15.1

New Features

  1. Four new settings have been added to Settings → Configuration → Tax rates:

    • Default 0% VAT rate for sales within the European Union
    • Default 0% VAT rate for sales outside the European Union
    • Default 0% VAT rate for tax-free products
    • Default 0% VAT rate for customers exempt from tax

    The first two fields only appear on EU accounts.

  2. Purchase document form now hides “Purchase Price”, “Discount” and other columns for users who do not have the right to see product costs. This means that it is now OK to give module access to users who should not see product costs. They will be able to create and receive POs, without seeing supplier pricing.

  3. Rounding field on sales documents is now editable.

  4. Sales documents printouts now show “custom reference numbers”, for which support was added in API version 1.28.

  5. Fourth option for generating sales document reference numbers: “Invoice-based, with company prefix” — has been added. In this scheme, each invoice gets a unique reference number, but it will also have a fixed, unchanging, numeric prefix.

    To enable this scheme, go to Settings → Configuration → Sales document printouts and pick the new option from the drop-down field titled “Reference numbers on invoices”.

    When enabled, a new field will appear on company card: Settings → My company information → “Prefix for invoice reference numbers”. This is where you can define the prefix.

  6. On Swedish and Lithuanian accounts, it is possible to configure a “Fiscal device number” for each register. The value will appear on receipt printouts, as required by law.

  7. Configuration parameter "overwrite_money_decimals" has been added. The value should be an integer, indicating how may decimal places should be used for amounts of money (eg. invoice totals, retail prices).

    Vietnamese accounts may want to set the parameter’s value to 0. (Vietnam does not use currency sub-units.) Values larger than 2 are not recommended; typically, invoice calculation algorithm does not provide more precision anyway.

  8. On Vietnamese accounts, net prices no longer have decimal places by default. (If needed, restore decimals with configuration parameter "overwrite_price_decimals".)


  1. In most search dialogs, columns are now resizable.

  2. Optimizations in product export.

  3. Russian translations have been updated.

  4. Lithuanian translations have been updated.


  1. Fixed: company postal address in email footer no longer contains unnecessary spaces at the beginning of lines.

  2. Fixed: when creating a new sales document from customer card, customer’s payment deadline was not automatically loaded.

  3. Fixed: entering a free text product to a sales document and pressing Tab did not set row quantity to 1 by default.

  4. Fixed: price-based sales taxes (eg. “Base rate 5%, items with a sales price over $75 are taxed 9% on the amount exceeding the threshold”) were not accurately presented on receipt printouts.

  5. Fixed: setting “New sales order does not reserve goods by default” did not apply when Erply automatically split a partially fulfilled sales order into two parts.

  6. Fixed: when a partially fulfilled sales order had been split into 10 or more follow-up orders, all the following orders received the same "-10" number suffix, instead of each successive document getting a new suffix.

  7. Fixed: a sales order form will no longer highlight free-text rows as being out of stock, and will not display the warning “There is not enough stock on hand to fulfill the order”.

  8. Fixed: an invoice with an unpaid amount of $0.01 was not listed in reports “Overdue invoices”, “Unpaid invoices and balance statements” and other similar places.

  9. Fixed: if a stock product had been converted to a non-stock product, reports disagreed on whether the cost of that item’s historic sales should be reported as zero or non-zero. The reports now report the cost as zero.

  10. Fixed: clicking on a customer name in global search window applied that customer to the currently open sales document.

  11. Fixed: notification email “Purchase prices have changed” contained a broken link to the purchase document.

  12. Fixed: Link to the “Mobile Stocktaking” application was incorrect for Thai customers.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.14.4


  1. Fixed: after updating an account to Berlin 5.14, some user group rights were missing.
  2. Fixed: drop-down fields were rendered incorrectly in Firefox.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.14.3


  1. Fixed: product card showed an archived product as being active.
  2. Fixed: when changing location on a sales document, Erply did not offer to recalculate prices.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.14.1, 5.14.2

New features

  1. In addition to “Domestic”, “EU” and “Non-EU” categories for customers and sales documents, a fourth category has been added: “EU, with VAT”.

    This type can be applied to customers in other EU countries who are not VAT-registered (and are thus not entitled to 0% VAT), but who still need to be separately filterable in reports.

  2. Support for a newer Greek Type A fiscal checksum (“stream line”) has been added. This format can be activated with configuration parameter "fiscal_print_streamline"="typeA2".


  1. A setting has been added: Settings → Configuration → Invoices and sales → “Creating an invoice from a sales order / waybill, or copying an invoice preserves the “Shipment packed by” field”.

    Copying the “Shipment packed by” field was added in version 5.14.0, now it is configurable and by default off.

  2. It is no longer possible to add a new location from sales document form.
  3. Spanish (Spain) and Spanish (Argentina) translations updated.
  4. An optimization applied to inventory reports.


  1. One bug fix related to franchises.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.14.0

New features

  1. Actual Reports sales document printouts can now be sent by email.

  2. Improvements in user rights. Each of the following modules now has separate user rights:

    • Pick Items and Create an Order
    • Locations
    • Registers
    • Product Groups
    • Product Categories
    • Brands
    • Parameter Groups
    • Delivery Conditions
  3. It is now possible to set up a new franchise chain so that the HQ account will see all locations (warehouses), but each franchisee account will see only its own locations.

  4. Sales Summary report now displays the names of tax rates, in addition to the rate percentages, to better distinguish different taxes.


  1. When creating one sales document from another, fields “Packed by” and “Project” are now copied, too.

  2. Spanish translations have been updated.

  3. Security improvements.


  1. Fixed: a price-based tax with a base rate of 0% (eg. “General tax rate is 0%, but items over $150 are taxed 5% on the amount exceeding the threshold”) were incorrectly omitted from sales reports.

  2. Fixed: opening a sales report by customer, clicking “Generate CRM report”“Download in CSV format” produced a file that contained all customers, not only the ones appearing in the report.

  3. Fixed: even if user did not have the right to create invoices, they were able to create a sales order and then change its type.

  4. Fixed: on a sales document, “Print / Send”“Print HT​ML” actually opened a PDF document, not an HT​ML page.

  5. Fixed: it was not possible to change the number of items displayed per page in Settings → Log of deleted items.

  6. Fixed: “Register” drop-down on sales document displayed registers which did not belong to the currently selected location.

  7. Fixed: certain lookup dialogs (eg. the product search in bundle recipes) failed to load more search results when scrolling down.

  8. Fixed: form fields for Danish and Faroese names were mislabeled.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.13.3


  1. There are now two variations of the Reward Point Balance Report (Customers → Reward Point Balance Report):

    1. “Reward point balances”
    2. “Reward point balances and recent transactions”

    Previously, we only offered the latter option. Due to the extra information displayed, the report was slow to calculate and was also disabled on larger accounts (accounts with more than 200,000 customers).

    The new, simpler view is an alternative that should work well even with larger data sets. Also, “Reward point balances and recent transactions” is no longer disabled on large accounts — but if the report takes too long to load, consider using the simpler option instead.

  2. In Settings → Configuration → Sending invoices by e-mail, email message text can now be defined for all languages.

  3. “Product” table in report generator now contains product names in all languages.


  1. Fixed: Sales reports in CSV format had an incorrect “.xls” file name extension.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.13.0 - 5.13.2

New Features

  1. Email address masking now optional.

    On accounts within the scope of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), email address masking (replacing parts of email addresses with asterisks in “Email log” and Calendar → Tasks) is now optional. A new setting has been added: Settings → Configuration → Sending invoices by email → “Anonymize addresses in logs” which can be turned off.

    We advise to turn it off only if emails are predominantly sent to corporate customers, and storing the email addresses in tasks is acceptable according to your company’s data retention policy.

  2. Print a purchase document in any language.

    A “Language” drop-down has been added to the “Print / Send” dialog on a purchase document form. When printing a Purchase Order or Purchase Invoice, or sending it by email, it is now possible to either select the option “Current language”, or pick a specific language.

    “Current language” prints the document in currently selected language, with item names as they have been entered on the document. This might be useful if line descriptions have been overwritten or additional details appended.

    Selecting any other language gives a fully translated printout, with item names taken from product card.

  3. Sales document printout can be configured to show prices with VAT.

    On accounts where all sales documents have been configured to use the “retail calculation algorithm”, an additional dropdown appears in Settings → Configuration → Sales document printouts: “On printout, show: net prices / prices with tax”.

    This option (to show prices on the printout with VAT included) has been requested by Finnish customers.

  4. “Warehouse Report” has been reordered.

    The “Warehouse Report” on product card (list of transactions made with that product, and quantities in stock) has been reordered. Current inventory quantities are now listed first. The list of transactions comes after that, ordered chronologically with newest transactions at the top (not oldest ones at the top, as before).

  5. “Warehouse Report” shows less data initially.

    “Warehouse Report” on product card now initially displays only 100 most recent transactions. The full history can be loaded by clicking a link.

  6. Number of locations configurable in “Warehouse Report”.

    In the “Warehouse Report”, each user can toggle whether they want to see inventory quantities for all locations, or only for the most important ones. A link “Show more” / “Show less” appears as needed. The number of “important” warehouses can be configured from Settings → Configuration → Inventory and purchase, and is 25 by default.

  7. “POS multicurrency” module added.

    This is an extra feature which allows to count the register in Berlin POS in multiple currencies. Please contact customer support to enable it on your account.

    Additionally, customer support must apply configuration parameter"touchpos_sale_additional_currencies" to define which currencies need to be counted in POS.

  8. New report has been added: Reports → Sales Promotions → Promotions By Invoice Report. It displays the same data as Promotions Report, but aggregated by invoice.

  9. Configuration parameter "inventory_report_exclude_archived_products" = 1 has been implemented. When set, Inventory Report will always omit archived products (which may be desirable if the report takes a lot of time, or runs out of memory).

  10. Configuration parameter "disable_automatic_price_from_previous_quote" is now supported on Berlin back office, too. With this parameter enabled, back office and API will not apply prices from customer’s previous quotes. (By default, when you create a sales document, pick a product and the customer has a non-expired quote containing the same product, the previously quoted price will apply.)

  11. On forms where the fields on the sidebar are arranged into groups (with subheadings between groups) the groups can now be collapsed to hide unnecessary fields. Erply will remember which groups are expanded and which ones collapsed, as a per-user setting.

  12. On accounts within the scope of GDPR, helpdesk consultants will no longer be able to access the Customers module.

  13. Product export file now includes the quantities of packaging materials (which can be entered on product card if the respective module has been enabled on your account).

  14. For Estonian customers, a version upgrade notification now displays a link to localized release notes.


  1. Support for Thai language has been added.

  2. Support for Faroese language has been added.

  3. Spanish translations have been updated.

  4. When scheduling the tasks on an Assignment, the calendar view that opened when clicking on the “Add”link worked inconsistently. It has been adjusted to work as follows:

    1. If assignment has a location defined, the popup will display location’s calendar.
    2. Otherwise it will display the joint calendar of all user groups designated for repair jobs.
  5. On Actual Reports sales document printouts, a new field is available: each product’s quantity in stock. (Field names are "amountInStock", "amountReserved", and "amountAvailable".)

  6. On Actual Reports sales invoice printouts, the "payer..." and "shipTo..." fields are now always populated, regardless of account settings and regardless of whether the invoice has a separate payer and receiver of goods or not.

    On standard templates, it is recommended to use the "payer..." and "shipTo..." fields, instead of the "customer..." fields. Different accounts may be configured differently, and the semantic meaning of “Customer” may vary; on older accounts, “Customer” typically means the receiver of goods, while on newer accounts, it means the payer.

  7. Actual Reports, purchase document printout: every document row now also includes product pictures.

  8. Field “Location” has been added to “Recurring billing” form. If you specify the location, all invoices created from that recurring billing will be issued from that location.

  9. In product export, product’s net weight and gross weight are now returned in a uniform number format.

  10. On user group form, the permission check boxes “Add shipping” and “Set tax exemption” are now visible regardless of account’s country. Formerly, these fields were activated only on American and Canadian accounts.

  11. Downloaded PDF file names can now contain Russian letters.

  12. Like in Classic back office, table rows can now be right-clicked (to select “Open Link in New Tab”, for example). However, right now there is just one column in every table that supports right-clicking. (This column is indicated by an underline that appears on mouse hover.)

  13. On purchase document form, row height has been reduced to improve information density.

  14. Improvements in report generator:

    1. Column “ID” has been added to all tables.

    2. The error message that appears when trying to group or sort by a calculated column (eg. Sales document → Amount Paid) is now translated.

    3. New columns added: Sales document → Shipment packed by, Sales document → Year and month, Sales document → Payment deadline.

    4. Columns “Year number” and “Month number” in table “Sales document” now allow grouping and sorting.

    5. When grouping the report by a certain value, the value on the subtotal row is now displayed in the same number or date format as the rest of the data.


  1. Fixed: when selecting a customer that has been configured as a “EU” or “outside EU” customer, tax rates on sales document are now appropriately set to 0%.

  2. Fixed: when creating a new user, it was not possible to immediately choose which stores the user should have access to. The list of stores only appeared after the user had been saved.

  3. Fixed: when a bundle product was sold through recurring billing, bundle components were not subtracted from inventory.

  4. Fixed: popovers did not appear in the “Purchase Orders” module.

  5. Amount in EEK has been removed from purchase document printouts.

  6. Fixed: Inventory Report now respects configuration parameter"users_can_only_see_own_warehouse_stock".

  7. Fixed: after emailing an unconfirmed purchase order, its status in the list was incorrectly shown as “Confirmed”.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.12.6


  1. Fixed: Customer’s web shop password was lost when re-saving customer form.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.12.5


  1. Items with status “not for sale” could be sold.
  2. Customer’s password was not saved correctly.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.12.4


  1. In Settings → Configuration → Sales document printouts, it is now possible to hide the QR code from sales document printout.
  2. In Settings → Configuration → Receipt printouts, it is now possible to hide the verification code from receipt printout.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.12.3


  1. In report generator, the field “Total net weight” displayed unexpected values when certain plugins were activated. This field has now been renamed to “Net weight or volume (Intrastat)”, and a new “Total net weight” field has been added which gives weight information as expected.


  1. Fixed: QR code overlapped with footer text on invoice PDF printout.

  2. Fixed: Clicking on “More…” → “Send by email” in Purchase Orders module did not work.

  3. Fixed: Option “Send by email in English” for purchase orders sent a PDF where item names were not in English.

  4. Fixed: when viewing “Unpaid invoices & balance statements” report in a non-default currency, invoice totals were still displayed in default currency.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.12.2


  1. Finnish translations updated.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.12.1


  1. Fixed: Links to documents and quotes on Project form did not open.
  2. Fixed: in Finnish, product’s number of stock days was not displayed on product card.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.12.0

New Features

  1. Compliance with General Data Protection Regulation can now be activated on demand on non-EU accounts, too — with configuration parameter "gdpr_features_enabled" = 1.

  2. A setting has been added: Settings → Configuration → “Inventory and purchase” → “”Show in webshop” is checked by default for new products and product groups”. To have all new products created with “Show in webshop” turned off by default, uncheck this box.

  3. “Anonymous printout” option has been added to sales documents. If a customer wants to be identified for the transaction, but does not want the printout to contain their personal information, select “Download anonymous printout” or “Send anonymous printout by email” from the “More…” dropdown or “Print / Send” dialog window.

  4. A “verification code” has been added to invoice and receipt printouts. With this code, we will be able to verify if a particular receipt or an invoice originates from Erply, and whether the transaction details are correct — or has the printout been forged or modified (eg. to commit tax fraud).

    On invoice printouts, the verification code also appears as a QR code.

  5. A customer’s web shop password can now be deleted. (Click on the “Delete” link next to the field and re-save the customer.)

  6. A user’s PIN can now be deleted. (Click on the “Delete” link next to the field and re-save the user.)

  7. Links “Select all” and “Select none” have been added to user form, next to the “Locations” heading, to check or uncheck all locations at once.

  8. In the Users list, if the list of locations (to which the user has access) is longer than 15, just a total number of locations will be displayed, instead of the name of each one. (Eg. “20/25”, meaning that user has access to 20 locations out of 25 total.)

  9. Report “Distribute Goods to Selected Location” in Reports → Inventory:

    • Now respects all filters (product group, category, brand, supplier, priority group; product; product extra fields 1-4);
    • Adds selected items to an existing open Transfer Order if one exists (ie., no longer creates a new Transfer Order each time);
    • In its suggestions ( “Total required” and “To be transfered”), it takes into account if a purchase order or transfer order has already been created.
  10. The product card of a matrix variation now displays what is the size and color of this variation, and provides a link to the parent product.


  1. On non-EU accounts, person names are now displayed again in the following reports:

    • Reports → Sales
    • Reports → Cost of Goods Sold
    • Reports → Invoices and payments
  2. Greek translations updated.

  3. One French translation updated.

  4. In Purchase → Purchase orders, unnecessary column “Deadline” has been replaced with “Delivery date”.

  5. On Stock Replenishment Report, in the “Packages to order” drop-down, packages are now listed in order of creation.

  6. Setting “In Berlin POS, plugins are mandatory” has been added to Settings → Configuration → POS. This is a pre-existing setting that can also be turned on or off from Berlin POS user interface. The check box in back office has been provided as a backup, for the case when POS cannot even be opened due to a broken plugin.


  1. Fixed: when fetching an Actual Reports sales document printout in a different language, product unit names were not translated.

  2. Fixed: on sales documents that use retail calculation algorithm, invoice lines appeared shifted (an extra field appeared on some lines).

  3. Fixed: searching for a purchase order by an alphanumeric order tracking number, or searching for a purchase invoice by an alphanumeric invoice number returned irrelevant search results.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.11.1


  1. Fixed: API call “getSalesReport” returned an error.
  2. Fixed: On receipts printed through EPSI, receipt lines had a too large font size. (Receipt size fix also requires Berlin POS version 3.28.7 or newer.)

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.11.0

New features

  1. New tools for controlling employees’ access to customer data have been added. Considering the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it is important that employees are trained to handle personal data properly. (We have also written about GDPR on Erply blog.)

    In Settings → Configuration, it is now possible to disable unauthorized employees’ access to customer information. Employees can be authorized one by one from the Employees module. Two new buttons have been added to employee form:

    1. One to indicate employee’s confirmation that they are familiar with the regulation and customers’ rights, and know how to protect personal information.
    2. Another one to indicate that a manager has allowed the employee to access customer data.

    The form also shows when employee gave their confirmation, and who and when gave them the access.

    This feature is an extra module. If it has not been activated on your account yet, please contact customer support.

  2. In Settings → Configuration, it is now possible to select whether employee name on a) sales document printouts and b) receipt printouts should be displayed as:

    1. ID only;
    2. first name only;
    3. first name, with last name initial; or
    4. full name.
  3. In Settings → Configuration → Receipt printouts, it is now possible to configure what information about a customer should be displayed on a receipt printout. (The printout can be configured separately for companies and for persons.)

    1. Customer ID
    2. Customer card code
    3. Customer name
    4. Customer address
  4. Customer’s amount of reward points can now be printed on receipts. This option has been added to Settings → Configuration → Receipt printouts.

  5. Customers can be looked up by ID, and field “Customer ID” has been added to customer card.

  6. Employees can be looked up by ID, and field “Employee ID” has been added to employee form.


  1. To not expose personal information unnecessarily, the following reports no longer display the name of a customer if that customer is a person. (Customer ID is shown instead, and a link to customer card is provided. Names of companies are still displayed, though.)

    • Reports → Sales
    • Reports → Cost of Goods Sold
    • Reports → Invoices and Payments
  2. To not expose personal information unnecessarily, the following reports no longer show the names of any customers. (Customer ID is shown instead, and there is also a link to customer card.)

    • Reports → Coupons, gift cards → Show report
    • Reports → Coupons, gift cards → Active Gift cards
    • Reports → Sales promotions
    • Reports → Tasks

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.10.0 - 5.10.2

New features

  1. To improve delivery, e-mails sent from Erply will now have “” as the sender’s address.

    Sending e-mail from our own domain name allows us to properly sign the messages and prove that the e-mail has originated from Erply. Many receiving mail servers take note if the “From” address does not match the originating server, and assign the message a higher spam score, or discard it entirely.

    Therefore, this change was necessary to make sure that we follow the best practices and established standards.

    Naturally, the receiver needs to know who has sent the message, and must be able to reply to it. We will put your company name on the “From:” line, and we will also set a “Reply-To” header with your actual e-mail address.

    Thus, the e-mails are going to look like this:

    From: Sample Company <>
    Reply-To: Sample Company <>
  2. Deposit Fee support has been added.

    Fields “Deposit fee” and “Fee quantity” have been added to product card. These fields allow to associate a product with a deposit fee (recycle fee).

    Deposit fees, or recycle fees, are a legal requirement in many countries. Whenever certain products are sold, the merchant needs to collect a deposit.

    In Erply, define the deposit fee (recycle fee) as a separate product. Set it VAT-free if needed. Then, look up a product that needs to be sold together with a deposit fee, click on the “Deposit fee” field on product card and select the fee.

    Field “Fee quantity” may be usually left empty. It is needed only if you sell an item in a larger package, and this package is defined as a separate product in your product catalog. A typical example would be a six-pack of soda. For each 6-pack, you need to collect 6 deposit fees; therefore, enter “6” into the “Fee quantity” field.

    When you add a product with a deposit fee to the sale (or scan the item), the deposit fee is automatically added to the document, too — as a separate line. Deposit fees are supported:

    • In Berlin POS;
    • on Invoices, Sales Orders and Quotes in back office.

    When you change the product’s quantity, the fee’s quantity automatically updates. When you remove the product, the fee gets removed, too.

    Note that deposit fees are not automatically added when creating a purchase document, an Inventory Registration, an Inventory Write-Off or an Inventory Transfer.


  1. When a sales document, purchase document, balance statement or payment reminder is sent by e-mail, this is recorded in the system as a “task”. These tasks can be seen in Calendar → Tasks, if you have the respective module enabled on your account.

    On sales documents, the sending history can additionally be seen by clicking on the “…” button and selecting “E-mail log”.

    To avoid storing unnecessary personal information in Erply, these records will no longer contain full sender’s and recipient’s addresses. The addresses will be partially masked with asterisks: an address "" becomes "tes...@exa...", for example.

  2. When configuring a register to use Verifone Finland or Nixpay (with Atos Worldline terminal) payments, an error message will be displayed if extra module “Transaction Time of a Payment” has not been installed on your account. This module is required for Verifone Finland and Nixpay payments. When needed, please contact customer support to activate this module.

  3. User’s password can now be changed from the Users table and from User form. Formerly, the link for changing a password was only located in the Employees table.

  4. A few Lithuanian translations have been updated.

  5. On a receipt printout, blocks of card payment information are now identifiable by HTML classes. (This is needed for Berlin POS.)


  1. Fixed: in product catalog, clicking twice on the “M+” link (to see a matrix product’s variations) displayed an error page.
  2. Fixed: on Matrix Dimension form (in PIM → Matrix Dimensions), reordering the dimension values (by clicking on up and down arrows) sometimes did not work.
  3. Fixed: in certain cases, the first line in an SEB bank payment import file was handled incorrectly, which could cause the same payment to be imported again later as a duplicate.
  4. Fixed: on a franchise account, in the “Settings → Log of deleted items” module, clicking on the “Time” column to sort records by time produced an error.
  5. Fixed: when printing labels for matrix variations from a price list, the labels displayed an incorrect price.
  6. Fixed: in the “Inventory” table, columns “Price” and “Price with VAT” were truncated on a smaller screen, and part of the price was invisible.
  7. Fixed: in a report generator report with two-level grouping, some subtotal lines were missing.
  8. Fixed: in report generator, the “Warehouse value” column for purchase invoice rows was empty.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.9.4


  1. A change introduced in 5.9.0 has been rolled back. If user opens a long-running report, they can now no longer browse around in back office until the report has finished loading.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.9.3


  1. Fixed: the Show only items in stock“ check box in Inventory → Inventory was disabled by mistake.
  2. Fixed: opening a deleted sales document, purchase document or customer card (by directly supplying its ID) will now correctly inform that this record no longer exists. Additionally, opening a deleted sales document might have formerly produced a “System update“ message.
  3. Fixed: “Timeclock entries“ table did not show records that were not associated with an employee.
  4. Fixed: in case a timeclock record has a missing start time or end time, the Time and Attendance Report will now leave the amount of hours empty, instead of reporting a huge value.
  5. Fixed: The “Recipe“ window on a bundle product or assembly product card will now list all components, not only the first 20.
  6. Fixed: In the “Recipe“ dialog, columns are now resizable.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.9.2

  1. The Customers → “Export Customers” and PIM → “Export Products” pages now have an updated design.
  2. Configuration parameter "overwrite_price_decimals" is now supported on Berlin back office. (It already existed in Classic back office.) It can be used to customize the precision of a product’s net price.
    • In US, net prices are by default with 2 decimal places and it is not recommended to change that.
    • The setting may be needed on Canadian accounts, however.
    • On European accounts, prices are by default with 4 decimal places. This configuration parameter may be used to increase or decrease it.
    • Calculation of prices, discounts, and invoice totals is affected by many other aspects, not only this parameter. Before using, please consult with customer support.
  3. Greek translations have been updated.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.9.0, 5.9.1

New features

“Store Regions” module

  • This feature allows to group stores into “regions”, and set up price lists that apply to an entire group of stores.
  • Please contact customer support to enable it on your account.
  • Store Regions can be managed in Retail Chain → Store regions. On location form, you can specify which region the store belongs to. Locations can also be filtered by region.
  • A region can be associated with an unlimited number of price lists, and you can change the order in which the price lists will apply. These price lists will apply to all stores in the region.
  • It is also possible to define store region and customer group-specific price lists: price lists that apply only in the specified region, and to customers belonging to the specified group.
  • Price lists will be applied in the following order (and each successive price list overrides a previous one if they contain the same products):
    1. Region price lists;
    2. Region and customer group-specific price lists;
    3. Location price lists.
  • A region cannot be deleted if there is at least one store that belongs to that region.
  • On User form and Employee form, the lists of locations additionally show region name for each location. Similarly, the “Locations and tax rates” block on Product Group form, too, has been augmented with region names.
  • For region-related API calls, see the release notes for API version 1.13.0, or the documentation of API call “getStoreRegions”. This page contains links to all other related API calls.

Other new features

  1. On a sales document, rows can now be dragged to adjust their order.
  2. Sales documents now properly support different currencies.
    • Item prices in product search are displayed in the selected currency;
    • Changing the currency will recalculate item prices on the document;
    • Cost and markup are shown and calculated correctly regardless of selected currency.
  3. ERPLY now supports creating invoices with Reverse VAT (VAT that needs to be paid by the buyer).
    • Reverse VAT needs to be defined as a separate tax rate in the Settings → Set up tax rates module.
    • On sales document printout, Reverse VAT is reported in a separate block.
    • The description text which appears next to the Reverse VAT amount on the printout (instructions to the buyer) can be customized in Settings → Configuration.
    • In Estonia, an invoice is not allowed to contain mixed regular and reverse VAT, or different reverse VAT rates. Items with regular VAT and reverse VAT need to be put on separate invoices.
  4. Back office will no longer allow direct access from POS if you have originally logged into POS with a PIN, and will prompt for your user name and password. This restriction has been implemented to improve back office’s security.
  5. New module Inventory → “Pick items to create an order” has been added. It is a convenient way to browse the product catalog and pick items to a “shopping cart”, which can then be turned into a sales order or a purchase order. It can be useful when taking phone orders — or for doing inventory restocking. For each product, ERPLY can show current quantities in various stores, period sales and purchases, amount already on order (or being transferred from other stores), and list price for a specific customer.
  6. Excel / CSV output option has been added for the following reports:
    • “Payments Summary (Cash Audit)” and “Payments by date”;
    • Reports → Commission and timeclock → Time and Attendance Report.
  7. Configuration parameters "password_only_alphanumeric_allowed" and "password_alphanumeric_required" have been added. With these parameters, it is possible to restrict what kinds of passwords users can pick. (The first parameter will disallow any characters besides letters and numbers; the second requires a password to contain at least one small letter, one capital letter and one digit.)


  1. If user opens a long-running report, it should no longer lock up the whole back office for them. While a report is being prepared, it is now possible to continue browsing around in other modules.
  2. French and Canadian French translations have been updated.
  3. The “Supplier” field on forms has been changed from a drop-down to a text field with integrated search, to better support accounts with a very large number of suppliers.
  4. Both “location in warehouse” fields on product card (the drop-down, and the text field) can now be exported and imported with product export and product import modules.
  5. Nordea Bank has been renamed to Luminor.
  6. Fields “netPrice” and “originalNetPrice” on Actual Reports product labels now have the same precision as the “Net Price” field on product card.
  7. On new South African accounts, Invoice-Waybills will be called “Tax Invoice-Waybills”. (Receipts have been renamed to “Receipt / Tax Invoice” and credit invoices to “Credit Tax Invoice”.)
  8. Old Web POS (the point-of-sale application with light grey interface and grey buttons) is unused and has been removed.
  9. Web POS (the point-of-sale application with grey interface and colored buttons) has been deprecated; the application now reports that it is outdated and will be removed soon. We recommend to migrate to Berlin POS.
  10. For Javascript plugins, global variable "country" has been added (containing the two-letter code of account’s country).


  1. Fixed: a product’s “reserved quantity” did not include quantities reserved with Inventory Transfer Orders.
  2. Fixed: “Previous” & “Next” buttons on product card did not work.
  3. Fixed: Reports “Sales by product group, with drill down” and “Sales by category, with drill down” were sometimes splitting a single product group or product category into multiple lines.
  4. Fixed: The red dot on purchase document rows (which indicates a changed price) now takes less space and no longer covers the price field.
  5. When replacing a product on a sales document, the “Keep window open” check box in the product search dialog is now disabled. Keeping the window open and selecting multiple products is possible only when adding new items to the end of the sales document (not when replacing an existing item in the middle of the document).
  6. Security fixes.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.8.0

New features

  • The back office now displays a notification if a version upgrade has taken place.
  • When adding products to a sales document, the product search dialog now allows to pick multiple items. A new check box, titled “Keep window open”, has been added to the dialog. If you check this box, selecting a product will not dismiss the search window. The window will stay open, and will allow to select more items, or even to run a new search.
  • “Contact Us” menu option has been added into the top right corner menu; clicking this link will open a box with customer support phone number and e-mail address.
  • “Prepayment VAT” has been added to the printouts of standard prepayment invoices.
  • On sales documents that have been created from Assignments, a link to the original Assignment is now displayed on the yellow bar at the top of the page.
  • In Settings → Configuration → Matrix Products, it is now possible to specify that product code 3 … code 8 should also be updated on all matrix variations when you change the code on the parent product.


  • French translations have been added. French can be enabled on French and Canadian accounts by customer support.
  • Latvian translations have been updated.
  • A few Lithuanian translations have been corrected.
  • On confirmed Invoice-Waybills, Waybills, Receipts and Credit Invoices, product names (ie., item descriptions that appear on the printout) can now be edited.
    • On other types of sales documents, and on unconfirmed invoices, it has already been possible to edit an item’s description. (Every edit will trigger the product search dialog, but this can be dismissed.) On confirmed documents, it was not possible to edit the description at all; this restriction has been lifted.
  • When using the Assignments module, back office automatically generates a sales document, with type “Lay-by” or “Layaway”, for each Assignment, to ensure that products on the assignments will be reserved in stock. These automatically generated documents are no longer displayed in the Invoices module. (Back office manages them automatically and these documents should not be edited by hand.)
  • Field “privateNotes” is now available on Actual Reports sales document printouts.
  • Search field “Payer” (which searches by the payer’s name imported from bank) has been added to Sales → Payments.
  • Report generator: fields “Received Purchase Orders (Our no.)” and “Received Purchase Orders (Tracking no.)” have been added to purchase invoices.
  • A few optimizations in physical stocktaking.


  • Fixed: Deleting a line from a sales document caused some of the subsequent edits to apply to wrong lines.
  • Fixed: on a sales document, adding multiple matrix variations in the middle of the document will no longer overwrite the following rows.
  • Fixed: on a franchise account, it was not possible to change a user’s password.
  • Fixed: it was not possible to delete the first product group discount from a price list.
  • Fixed: when creating a sales document from an Assignment, VAT was applied to the prices twice.
  • Fixed: when switching customer on an Assignment, prices of parts and repairs unnecessarily changed in certain cases.
  • Fixed: if a Waybill had been created from an Assignment, ERPLY did not allow to make an Invoice from that Waybill.
  • Fixed: when a Sales Order had been created from an Assignment, and an Invoice was created from that Order, the Order continued to reserve goods and the Orders module displayed duplicate references to the created invoice.
  • Fixed: it was not possible to use date format “dd-mm-yyyy”; any date entered into a date field, or picked from the mini-calendar, got corrupted.
  • Fixed: back office will now display an error message when user saves a document and an invalid date has been entered on the form. (Previously, not catching that error might have resulted in a document being created without a date.)
  • Fixed: on iPhone, numeric fields did not allow to enter negative numbers, because the keyboard that appeared did not contain a “minus” key. (Now, a more complete keyboard appears for these fields.)
  • Fixed: Sales totals on Stock Replenishment Report were not linked to a sales report.
  • Fixed: it was not possible to update an address on Customer form, if the check box “Use POS with touchscreen interface” in Settings → Configuration was unchecked.
  • Fixed: when opening a purchase invoice or product card from Purchase Report, it was not possible to save any edits in that window.
  • Fixed: When printing a Purchase Invoice or Purchase Order in a foreign language, “free-text items” did not have a name. The “Product” column was blank.
  • Fixed: When printing out multiple sales documents, they were occasionally printed on top of each other.
  • Fixed: Incorrect label in Sales Orders module. A filter was labeled “Invoice payer” when it should have actually been “Ship To”.
  • Fixed: reordering product groups, or product categories, by dragging them around in the tree did not update the product group’s or category’s “last modification time” time stamp.
  • Fixed: Payment import from SEB, Swedbank and LHV (Estonia): now a payment will be imported even if the line does not contain payer’s account number, only payer name.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.7.10


  • One discrepancy fixed in QuickBooks export.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.7.9


  • Franchise-related improvements.
  • Fixed: if customer’s home store or sign-up store field is referring to an unknown store, keep the value when re-saving customer card.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.7.7, 5.7.8


  • Fixed: In “Unpaid invoices and balance statements” report, the field “Payments unassociated with invoices” was not displayed in correct currency.
  • Fixed: the Greek fiscal stream line did not contain net totals and VAT totals separated by rate.
  • The time limit allotted to saving or re-saving purchase documents, Inventory Registrations, Inventory Write-Offs and Inventroy Transfers has been raised from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.7.5

New features

  • Feature “Print receipt from payment” has been restored.


  • Turkish translations have been added. Turkish language can be enabled on Turkish accounts by customer support.
  • Polish translations have been updated.
  • Russian translations have been updated.
  • Greek translations have been updated.
  • On new Greek accounts:
    • Product units now have Greek translations.
    • Berlin POS is configured to accept cash only for sales totaling 500 € or less, and a Greece-specific POS plugin is applied.
  • On all Greek accounts:
    • On receipt printout, the “Price” columns now shows the price with VAT again. (The change made in version 5.7.2 has been reverted).
    • Improvements in streamline printing on Greek receipts.
  • One reseller branding has been added.


  • Fixed: Factoring notice will no longer be shown on waybills, quotes, reservations and orders.
  • Fixed: product import failed if the “Cost” column in the import file contained text “-“.
  • Fixed: If the price precision on invoice printouts had been customized (using configuration parameter "invoice_printout_price_decimals"), it did not work when printing out multiple documents.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.7.4


  • Fixed: In some cases, the fields “description” and “longDescription” on Actual Reports product labels, sales and purchase document printouts, and Inventory Registration / Inventory Transfer / Inventory Write-Off printouts drew the product description from a wrong field.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.7.2, 5.7.3

New features

  • Greek Type A fiscal integration has been added.
    • For standard printouts, a new option “Print with fiscal” has been added into the “Print / Send” dialog. This printout variation contains additional information (the “stream line”) that fiscal software needs.
    • Fiscal printing also works with Actual Reports printouts. For that, you need to design a template that contains the fiscal field. (Use the variable "streamLine" and in the “Formatting” tab, make sure that type of the field is set to “System”. If you cannot see this formatting option, submit a request to upgrade the Actual Reports version for your account.
    • When the template has been prepared, you can print the custom printout through fiscal software. Use the “Print HTML” button for that, as fiscal software might not be able to process a PDF.
  • Configuration parameter "replace_by_card_with_card_type_on_receipt" has been added. When the value of that parameter is set to 1, the phrase “By card” on receipt printout will be replaced with an actual card type (Visa, MasterCard, …) whenever that information is available.
  • On product labels printed with Actual Reports, it is now possible to display the quantities of product packaging materials. (The fields for specifying this information on product card can be enabled as an extra module.)
  • The same information (quantities of a product’s packaging materials) are also available on Actual Reports sales document, purchase document, Inventory Transfer, Inventory Registration and Inventory Write-Off printouts.
  • Some limited options for changing the starting numbers of sales documents have been added to the Settings → Configuration page.


  • Greek translations updated.
  • Polish translations updated.
  • Chinese translations updated.
  • On Q-Zone branded accounts, the menu item “POS” now opens Q-Zone branded POS.
  • On Q-Zone branded accounts, window icons are now consistent with branding.
  • On Greek accounts:
    • Field “Activity” has been added to company card.
    • The contents of that new “Activity” field, company e-mail and website are printed on receipts.
    • Column “VAT %” has been added to receipt printout, and the “Price” columns now shows a net price.
  • Field “Customer” on project form is no longer a required field.
  • On receipt printout, tax totals are now displayed with two decimal places again.
    • Tax totals are displayed with more precision (3 decimal places) only when using subdivision of the tax into GST, PST and HST on Canadian accounts.


  • Fixed: in certain cases, the “history drop-down” on forms did not work; selecting a historic version did not load the requested view.
  • Fixed: in the Quotes module, a Quote could not be opened if user did not have access rights for the Invoices module.
  • Fixed: “Save” and “Confirm” buttons on forms were displayed/hidden in an inconsistent pattern.
  • Fixed: the settings “Edit information of confirmed invoices” and “Edit confirmed purchase orders and purchase documents” for user groups were supposed to fine-tune general user group rights, not override them. Formerly, when user group had no edit rights for the “Invoices” module, but box “Edit information of confirmed invoices” was checked, user could edit invoices. This is no longer the case.
  • Fixed: On invoice, when you picked the recipient of goods (“Ship to” field), the “Customer” field populated automatically, but other customer-related fields (Deadline, Penalty, Delivery Condition, Invoice Type) did not populate, although this information was specified on customer card.
  • Fixed: on forms, the “Delete” button in mobile view did not work.
  • Fixed: a few incorrect field labels. (Receiver of goods was on some forms mistakenly referred to as the “Payer”).
  • Fixed: the check box “Product does not need printed labels” on product card could not be checked.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.7.1


  • The command “More → Download as XML” on sales invoices now produces an XML electronic invoice in an updated format.
  • Chinese translations updated.


  • Fixed: In Stock Replenishment, specifying a quantity in packages and clicking “Save & Make Transfer Orders” produced an error if the additional module “Packages on Inventory Transfers” had not been enabled.
  • Fixed: selecting “Send invoice by e-mail in English” opened a dialog where the message body was still in account default language.
  • Fixed: On a sales document, searching products by supplier code (which can be enabled with configuration parameter "search_product_by_code4" = 1) did not work.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.7.0

New features

  • A number of new features in the “Stock Replenishment” report:
    • The “on order” quantity and “in transfer” quantity are now displayed in two separate columns. Each number can be clicked to open a window where you can see which POs / Transfer Orders make up that number, and when these shipments are scheduled to arrive.
      • “On order” = amount on Purchase Orders that are not yet fulfilled.
      • “In Transfer” = amount on Inventory Transfer Orders that are not yet fulfilled.
      • To see these two columns, check the option “☑ Also show amounts on order + amounts in transfer” when you open the report.
    • The quantity to order can now also be specified in packages.
    • CSV output has been added.
    • New option “Show: weeks of stock / days of stock” has been added.
    • With configuration parameters, it is possible to enable extra columns:
      • “Weeks of ordered supply” (parameter "show_weeks_of_ordered_supply_in_stock_replenishment_report");
      • “Sales price” (parameter "show_sales_price_in_stock_replenishment_report");
      • “Average warehouse price” and “Warehouse total” (parameter "show_warehouse_price_in_stock_replenishment_report").
    • There are enhancements for customers who use a custom serialized inventory solution. Documentation of that feature is available internally; the configuration parameters that enable these enhancements, for reference, are "group_stock_replenishment_by_matrix_product", "serialized_inventory_dimension_name", and"serialized_inventory_general_product_identifier".



  • For Greek accounts, “Tax Office” (“Δ.Ο.Υ.”) field has been added to customer card and “My Company Information”. Both of these fields are drop-downs; you can select the tax office from a list. Furthermore, a Settings → All settings → “Tax Offices” module has been added where the list of tax offices in the drop-down can be modified and new ones added.
    • Both the company’s tax office and customer’s tax office are now printed on all invoices, invoice-waybills and receipts.


  • On Greek accounts, the “VAT Number” field on customer card is now validated. (Domestic VAT numbers must be 9 digits in length and contain a correct check digit; EU VAT numbers must have a correct country prefix.)


  • The following fields have been added to the Invoice form. (The same fields already exist in classic back office.)
    • Penalty
    • Shipment packed by
    • Date of inventory transaction
    • Tax Exemption Number (only on US accounts)
    • Additional value of goods (FOB), compared to invoice net total (Intrastat) (only on EU accounts)
    • Vehicle repaired or maintained (if Assignments module is installed)
    • Reference (if Assignments module is installed)
    • Mileage (if Assignments module is installed)
    • Billing period start and end date (if invoice has been created through the Recurring Billing module)


  • Module “Customers” → Contact Persons” has been restored.


  • The behavior of configuration parameter "show_other_tax_component_separately_on_invoice" has been modified so that it would suit the system of Canadian retail taxing.When this parameter is enabled, then not just one, but all tax components labelled as “OTHER” will get pulled out as separate rows on the receipt printout.
    • Suggested usage in Canada: define a tax rate for each province and territory (titled “Alberta Sales Tax”, “BC Sales Tax” etc.) and for each tax, add the components that it consists of: GST + PST, or only GST, or HST. For all components, the “System code” must be set to “OTHER” (not city/county/state).

Suggested setup (a 12% tax rate with two components):


Receipt printout:



  • Canceled prepayment invoices have a number of improvements:
    • Toolbar button “Cancel” has been added to prepayment invoices (formerly it was orders only).
    • The “Cancel” button will not be displayed if a follow-up document has already been created from the order / prepayment invoice.
    • Toolbar button “To Invoice” no longer appears on cancelled prepayment invoices and orders, since you should not create an invoice for a cancelled order.
    • Toolbar button “Ship” no longer appears on cancelled prepayment invoices and orders.
    • The status bar on top of prepayment invoice form did not have a “canceled” status. It has been added.
    • In the list of sales documents, a canceled order or prepayment invoice is now displayed as “Canceled”, not “Unpaid”.
  • Inventory Registrations, Inventory Transfers and Inventory Write-Offs are now assigned a number when the document is first saved (not when opening the blank form). This will prevent documents being created at the same time getting duplicate numbers.
  • Recurring billing module can now display each customer’s current balance in the list of billings.
    • The additional column is titled “Unpaid” and will only display unpaid amounts. If a customer has a prepaid amount instead, it will not be displayed.
    • This column can be enabled with configuration parameter "recurring_billing_enable_unpaid_column" = 1.
    • If the unpaid amount exceeds 2 months’ fee, the balance is displayed in red bold letters. This threshold (number of months) can be additionally configured with parameter "recurring_billing_large_debt_threshold" (default value is 2).
  • Prepayment invoices can be omitted from the “Associate imported payments” module, with configuration setting "payment_association_ignore_prepayment_invoices" = 1.
  • New accounts will now be created with an updated default set of user rights, and a new default user group, “cashier”.
  • New reason code types “Cash In” and “Cash out” have been added.
  • Field “Supplier’s Credit Invoice Number” has been added to Purchase Returns.
  • Inventory quantity is now displayed also on Inventory Transfer Orders, not only Inventory Transfers.
  • On new Greek accounts, the default set of tax rates is now: 36%, 24%, 17%, 13%, 6%, 0%.
  • New Greek branding “Q-Zone” added.
  • One more private reseller branding added.
  • Italian translation has been added. (Italian language can be installed by customer support. Having it as a default language on all new Italian accounts will come at a later time, with an API update.)
  • Greek translations updated.
  • Chinese translations updated.
  • Security improvements. (Note: customers in will have to log in again when their accounts are updated.)
  • A Javascript event “validated.erply.form” has been added. It is triggered when a form is saved, immediately before the form submit.
    • The point of this event is that other Javascript components and plugins may perform their own validation on the form, and cancel saving after user has clicked the “Save” or “Confirm” buttons. The event “validated.erply.form” is triggered after all these validations, when it is certain that the form is going to be posted to back office.
    • However, it is not a guarantee that the form actually gets saved; the back office itself may return a validation error as well. A more reliable way to tie events to form saving is to run your code after the save, by watching the formWasSaved JS variable (or the newRecordCreated / existingRecordSaved / recordWasConfirmed variables, if you have more specific needs).


  • Fixed: “Compare Sales” filter in sales reports did not work.
  • Fixed: User was not prompted to delete payments when deleting invoice.
  • Fixed: on a Sales Quote, it was not possible to upload pictures for items beyond the 15th…20th line.
  • Fixed: Sales Summary report displayed an incorrect breakdown by months; some months were omitted.
  • Fixed: Chinese characters were not displayed correctly in PDFs.
  • Fixed: A gift receipt printout no longer displays customer’s reward point amount.
  • Fixed: Report generator did not respect the “add” and “edit” user group rights, and there was no way to configure report delete rights.
  • Fixed: sometimes, a report generator report could not be deleted.
  • Fixed: on the product card of a matrix product, in the “Inventory” → “Stock Levels” section, the “Ordered” and “In Transfer” values were wrong.
  • Fixed: if you had certain currencies set as your default currency (most notably AED), then the default currency changed each time you saved the Settings → Configuration page.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.6.2


Policy change: on new accounts, e-mailing functionality will be initially disabled. Please contact customer support to have it enabled.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.6.1


  • Greek translations updated.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.6.0

New features

  • New languages added: Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.
  • In all lists, items can now be deleted in bulk.
  • CSV/Excel output format added to the “Inventory By Items” report.
  • On Greek accounts, “Tax Office” field (“Δ.Ο.Υ.”) has been added to Settings → Configuration and to location card. This will be printed on invoices and receipts.
  • On Greek accounts, VAT number field on customer card is now checked for uniqueness.


  • Greek translations updated.
  • One optimization in Promotion Report.
  • Internal updates in the stocktaking module.


  • Fixed: Using the “Period for Comparison” filter resulted in a report with broken format.
  • Fixed: When editing (and saving) a customer’s address, and then saving customer card, the changes made to the address were sometimes reverted.
  • Fixed: when adding a product with no default price to an Invoice, price set through the “Total” or “Price with VAT” field did not get saved.
  • Fixed: Rearrangements in the product group tree (dragging items around) did not always get saved.
  • Fixed: when downloading certain older documents, browser did not give an appropriate name to the download and suggested to save it with the name “file”.
  • Security fixes.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.5.3, 5.5.4


  • In Canada, receipts can now be printed out in French. Please contact customer support to enable that feature.
  • The “Images” section on product group form has been changed from a modal dialog to a tab below the form, and renamed to “Pictures”.


  • Optimizations in how the information of applied promotions (which is stored on invoice rows) is handled when a sales document is re-saved.


  • Fixed: Various functionality (deleting, previews) did not work in tables displayed below forms.
  • Fixed: In the “Recipe” window on a bundle product, components could not be deleted.
  • Fixed: The {Import-Link} placeholder in emails was replaced with an incorrect URL, or nothing at all.
  • Fixed: the “Price list” links on customer card opened incorrect windows.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.5.2

New features

  • The following reports now show the amount on order (purchase orders not yet fulfilled) and the amount being transferred from other locations (amount on Inventory Transfer Orders, not yet fulfilled) in two separate columns:
    • Stock Replenishment Report;
    • “Matrix Inventory Report + Period Purchase and Sales”;
    • “Create Central Purchase Orders”;
    • “Distribute Goods to Selected Location”.
  • New variation of Sales Reports has been added: “By Matrix Product, with Drilldown”.


  • Fixed: In Polish translation, the language name must be “Polski”.
  • Fixed: In Reports, it was not possible to use the “Product” filter if the product had no name.
  • Fixed: Menu items “Product extra field 1…4” have been moved to the correct menu (PIM, instead of Inventory).

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.5.1


  • German translations updated.


  • Fixed: The “Name” filter in Price Lists module did not work.
  • Fixed: Automatic generation of new product codes worked differently for franchise and regular accounts.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.5.0

New features

  • Invoice, Quote and Order forms have been significantly updated. Invoice, Quote, and Sales order rows have several new columns which were missing before: Packages, Units, Batches, Customer Requested Delivery Date, Supplier Quoted Delivery Date. To save space on screen, the columns are organized under three tabs: “Price”, “Inventory” and “Retail”. Tabs can be switched with key combinations.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 14.24.52

  • The setting “Invoice printout shows lines grouped by waybill number” in Settings → Configuration → Sales document printouts now works as well.
  • Invoice, Quote and Order forms now display if a document is associated with multiple source documents — or if multiple follow-up documents have been created. Clicking on the text “Order 100001, …” on the yellow bar will reveal the full list of related documents.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 14.26.29

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 14.26.23

  • New module “Extra product card fields” has been added. (This module must be enabled by customer support.) It allows to add 4 extra categorizations to the product catalog, in addition to the five built-in ones (Group, Category, Priority Group, Brand, Supplier). The four extra fields will appear as drop-downs on product card, and each one of them can be toggled on or off (disabled if the field is not needed). The options in each drop-down can be customized by the user. These extra fields can be used as filters in the Product List module, as filters in reports, as filters in product export, in report generator and on Actual Reports printouts.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 14.41.22

  • Field “Packages” added to Inventory Transfers. The quantity of each item to be transfered can now also be specified by package type and number of packages. (This feature needs to be enabled by customer support.)

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 14.42.47

  • The ability to copy price lists has been added. The “Copy” option can be found under the “… (F4)” button.
  • “Home Store” and “Sign-up Store” fields added to customer card.

New configuration parameters for reports

  • In “Products in Stock” report, the “Available”, “On Order” and “In Transfer” quantities can now also be shown in packages (eg. 200 pcs in stock = 4 boxes). This can be enabled with configuration parameter "show_packages_in_inventory_report" = 1.
  • Configuration parameter "show_all_products_in_central_purchasing" = 1 has been added. When enabled, the report Reports → Inventory → Central Purchasing → Create Central Purchase Orders will show all products, and will not suggest any reorder amounts (user can manually enter all the quantities to order).
  • Optional filter “Show products with main warehouse inventory greater than 0” added to the Central Purchasing Report. Note that for this filtering option to become available, you need the aforementioned configuration parameter "show_all_products_in_central_purchasing" = 1, and you need to define your Main Warehouse in Settings → Configuration.


  • Purchase Reports, PO Report, Stock Replenishment Report, product export now respect the configuration parameter "users_can_see_only_own_warehouse_documents".
  • Configuration setting "show_card_payments_basic_info_on_receipt" can now be enabled for US and Canadian accounts, too. (Formerly, this parameter was ignored and receipts always showed full card data.)
  • All-uppercase text in Greek is now displayed correctly (without vowel accents).
  • Re-enabled the ability to print customer address labels with Actual Reports (from the Customers module).
  • Re-enabled the ability to print product labels from a PO / PI (Purchase document form → “… (F4)” button → “Print labels”)
  • Polish translations updated.
  • Lithuanian translations updated.
  • Button “Delete all rows” on a purchase document now asks for a confirmation.


  • Fixed: Creating an invoice from sales order will no longer change the order’s creator and creation time.
  • Fixed: Product images were not displayed on PDF quote printouts.
  • Fixed: The module “Task Types” was not visible under Settings.
  • Fixed: Menu item “Purchase → Import PI rows from TXT” displayed an error.
  • Fixed: Sales documents created over API, for which API has assigned a number, were sometimes not searchable by that number.
  • Fixed: Issues related to special franchise setups.
  • Fixed: In special franchise setups, it was not possible to create recurring billing invoices.
  • Fixed: Issues related to selecting table rows with check boxes.
  • Fixed: The warning “Please fill the “Customer” field” on sales documents was not cleared when selecting a customer.
  • Fixed: When making an invoice from sales order, the “Deadline” field was not populated with payment deadline defined in Settings → Configuration.
  • Fixed: bulk printing Quotes with Actual Reports sometimes printed incorrect documents.
  • Fixed: Using a workaround, it was possible to delete tax rates and locations (which normally are not allowed to be deleted).
  • Fixed: Filter “or enter several service codes” in Sales → Recurring Billing sometimes produced an error.
  • Fixed: Sending invoices over e-mail in bulk generated duplicate records in the “Tasks” module, and under “E-mail log” on invoice form.
  • Fixed: Filters in the Assignments → Appliances module were not working.
  • Fixed: The product search pop-up on Purchase Orders / Purchase Invoices did not show prices with VAT.
  • Fixed: clarified the informative text on the “Recipe” subsection, for assembly products.
  • Fixed: the “Product Catalog” subsection on a product card did not check for product code uniqueness in the same way as the “Inventory” subsection.
  • Fixed: On an Inventory Write-off and Registration made from stocktaking, it was not possible to delete rows before first saving the document.
  • Fixed: The search field “Invoice #” in Sales → invoices, or the field “Inv./Order No.” in Sales → Purchases sometimes produced an error.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.4.1


  • Fixed: package information did not populate on Actual Reports purchase document printouts.
  • Fixed: Excel sales reports were blank.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.4.0

New features

  • Supplier Price List module has been restored. (Contact our support to enable this)
  • supp_price_list
  • A full-featured mobile main menu has been added. In mobile view, all modules of the system are accessible now.
  • It is now possible to create a Quote from an Assignment. The list of Quotes, Orders or Invoices at the bottom of an Assignment form provides more information about each document.
  • assignement
  • Configuration parameter "force_pricing_logic_algorithm" implemented. This parameter overrides country-specific rules for price handling. (Contact our support to enable this)
  • Added configuration parameter locations_not_displayed_in_central_purchasing, to specify locations that should not be displayed in the Central Purchasing Report. The value of the parameter should be a comma-separated list of location IDs. (Contact our support to enable this)
  • New configuration parameter "regular_locations_in_central_purchasing". This can contain a comma-separated list of location IDs. Set it if you want to categorize locations into “regular locations” and “customer locations”, for the Central Purchasing report. The difference is that from customer locations, surplus items (those exceeding Restock Level) are never sent to other stores. From regular locations, surplus items can be sent to other stores and Central Purchasing takes it into account, and recommends to order less if there is a surplus somewhere. By default, all locations are considered “regular locations”; set this configuration parameter to turn the others into “customer locations”. (Contact our support to enable this)
  • Added a new check box for user groups: “☑ Edit item price on return without receipt (Berlin POS and Offline POS)”


  • Internal reorganization in multiple reports.


  • Fixed: It was not possible to edit or add reason codes on a confirmed Sales Invoice.
  • Fixed: Scroll bar disappeared on Invoice form when first selecting a customer (from the customer picker) and then a product (from the product picker).

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.34

New features

  • Support for Tyro payment integration added. (Needs to be enabled as an extra module.)


  • Finnish translations updated.
  • Fields “customerGroup” and “payerGroup” added to Actual Reports sales document printouts.


  • Fixed: markup percent was not displayed on Sales Orders.
  • Fixed: Ship-to address was not copied from order to invoice.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.33

New features

  • On purchase documents it is now possible to specify the quantity in packages.


  • The following forms and lists now show date and time according to location time zone (if you have a multi-time zone business and some locations are in a different time zone):
    • Timeclock entries.
    • Time and Attendance Report. (Also, “Location” column has been added to the report.)
    • POS day openings and closings. (The Z Report was already showing them in correct time zone, but form and list were not.)
    • Payments. (The Z Report was already showing them in correct time zone, but payment form was not.)
  • The following fields have been restored on sales documents:
    • “Sales project”
    • “Print with actual product/service names”
  • Customer’s bank name and account number have been added to Actual Reports sales document printouts.


  • Fixed: when adding a matrix product to a purchase document in non-default currency, the price is now populated correctly.
  • Fixed: In some cases, specifying variation quantities in the matrix dialog on a purchase document did not add the selected variations onto the document.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.32


  • “Invoice sum in words” now supported in Lithuanian.
  • Stocktaking sheet now supports displaying more products. (Has been tested with 50,000 items.)


  • Fixed: clicking the “Total number of records” button in Inventory Registrations module produced an error.
  • Fixed: the fields “Price at least” and “Price at most” on Promotion form did not accept numbers with more than 3 digits.
  • Fixed: “Product Groups” tree, and other similar trees, did not switch into a touch-friendly view when viewed on mobile device.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.31

New features

  • Button “Delete all rows” added to purchase documents.
  • Support for PAX payment integration added. (Needs to be enabled as an extra module.)


  • Field “Document type: Domestic / EU / Outside EU” on sales document form has been restored.
  • One Spanish translation changed.
  • Field “Reason Code” added to AR sales documents printouts.
  • API getSalesReport now supports the “productIDs” filter.
  • User interface font updated. Letters in Latvian, Lthuanian and Polish now display more consistently.
  • Added configuration parameter "hide_customer_address_on_receipt" that hides customer’s address from receipt printout.


  • Fixed: store credit will no longer be applied to fulfilled prepayment invoices.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.30


  • Report generator now allows to filter products by priority group.


  • Fixed: errors on physical stocktaking.
  • Fixed: opening a report window gave an error on certain accounts.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.29

New features

  • In a search dialog, columns can now be resized.
  • When starting a new physical stocktaking, it is now possible to filter the set of products both by predefined warehouse locations as well as free-text warehouse locations.
  • Added configuration parameter "report_generator_max_multiselect_items". This adjusts the threshold (number of records) at which the report generator starts displaying a filter as a regular text field, instead of a multi-select dropdown with all the options listed.
  • Support for promotions requiring manager’s approval has been added.
    • A group of users can be elevated to store manager status by marking the check box “☑ Approve POS operations that require manager override (in Berlin POS)”
    • A promotion can be marked with check box “☑ Promotion requires manager override”. A promotion with that flag can only be applied by store managers; if the cashier does not have sufficient rights, Berlin POS will pop up a dialog for manager approval.
  • Added new code fields (Code 5, Code 6, Code 7, Code8) to product card. These codes can be used on printouts, in product search (if you enable configuration parameterssearch_product_by_code4, search_product_by_code5, search_product_by_code6, search_product_by_code7 or search_product_by_code8) and in API getProduct and saveProducts. This is an extra feature that customer support can enable when needed.


  • A status bar has been added to Inventory Transfers and Transfer Orders, providing links to source documents and follow-up documents.
  • Module “Purchase → Import PI rows from TXT” has been updated.
  • Some Russian translations updated.
  • Finnish translations updated.
  • On login screen, there is no background picture any more.


  • Fixed: links pointed to wrong documents in the “PO Report”.
  • Fixed: fonts in the user interface were displayed in wrong weight in Safari and Firefox.
  • Fixed: it was not possible to add a product without a name to a price list.
  • Fixed: in PIM → Product Catalog, the product group tree in the sidebar could not be used for filtering.
  • Fixed: using keyboard to select a product on invoice form fills the field with a wrong value.
  • Fixed: in back office windows that had been opened from POS, Back buttons did not work.
  • Fixed: e-mailing receipts from POS or from the back office did not work on certain servers.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.28

New features

  • Promotions can now have a condition “… when customer buys specific items in a certain price range”. This can be used for setting up “tiered promotions”, where all items in a certain price range (eg. $50-$69) get a new, fixed price.


  • Improvement: Sales Report no longer displays a column for each tax rate that has been defined in the system. Columns with no values are omitted.
  • In locations list, the column “Number of users with store access” now excludes the built-in support user.
  • Some Russian translations updated.


  • Fixed: making a Purchase Invoice from Purchase Order did not copy tax rates over.
  • Fixed: issues with the “Latvian invoice numbers” feature. Now it can be also used in other countries than Latvia.
  • Fixed: Report “Distribute Goods To Selected Location” gave an “insufficient user rights” error.
  • Fixed: automatic update of matrix variations (when the parent product’s information was changed) did not update the variations’ last change timestamp.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.27

  • Fixed: Enter key did not work in the Notes field.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.25, 5.3.26

  • Dialog windows (eg. “Are you sure you want to delete this item?”) can now be approved by pressing the Enter key.
  • Fixed: an error when attempting to open a Payment Reminder, or when sending invoices by e-mail in bulk.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.23, 5.3.24

  • Physical Stocktaking reports are now available again in Berlin back office. They have been moved to Reports → Stocktakings.
  • A setting has been added to Settings → Configuration → Configuration ->. Invoices and sales: ☑ New sales order does not reserve goods by default.
  • Changed receipt printout, so that it always displays the discount percentage set by POS, and does not attempt to re-calculate it. This also means that with configuration parameter"product_price_discount_basis" = "pricelist" or "product_card" it is now possible to set which price the discount should be calculated from, and cashier will see this on the Berlin POS screen, and receipt printout will show the same discount percentage. Previously this parameter did not affect receipt printout.
  • The “wrench” icon (which opens a dialog with more options, eg. in Sales → Invoices) has been replaced with three dots: “…”
  • New extra module added to the back office: “Master List”. For more information, please contact customer support.
  • Fixed: the “status bar” on sales documents did not show that an invoice had been created from a waybill.
  • Fixed: users who had only access to Quotes, but not Invoices, could not copy existing quotes.
  • Fixed: automatic transfer of returned items to offline inventory now takes place whenever there is a negative quantity with an appropriate reason code on a sales invoice. Formerly, this only worked with credit invoices. Additionally, the feature can now be enabled and disabled from Settings → Configuration → Inventory and Purchase – Enable Extra Features: a check box ☑ Enable discount and return reason codes on sales invoices has been added.
  • One Latvian translation changed.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.22

  • Reason Code field added to Inventory Registrations. (This feature needs to be enabled by customer support.)
  • Tax Exemption Reason Codes can now be defined in back office. Currently these can be used with a POS plugin, and reported with report generator.
  • Polish translations updated.
  • Fixed: The product card had duplicate “Add” buttons.
  • Fixed: field “amountInPackage” on AR purchase invoice printouts was not populated for matrix variations.
  • Fixed: “Payments vs. invoice lines” report sometimes failed.
  • Fixed: report “Sales by product group” sometimes unnecessarily created a subtotal named “Unclassified”.
  • Fixed: it was not possible to add a product to bundle recipe.
  • There are some behind-the-scenes changes in navigation between forms, which result in the pages now having shorter URLs.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.21

New Features:

  • Support for TriPOS payment signatures added.
  • Check box “E-mail opt-out” added to customer card. It can be used as a filter in customer export and in Reports → CRM → E-mails, and the data is displayed both in the e-mails report as well as in customer export file.
  • Field “Price List” has been added to Invoice form, allowing to apply just one specific price list to the sale and ignoring all store or customer price lists.
  • Module “Inventory” now allows to pick items and create a Purchase Order for selected products.
  • Report Generator, table “Invoice”: Field “More precise status” has been added.
  • “Sum”, “Payment Type”, and “Currency” filters added for sales documents.
  • On purchase documents, it is now possible to apply a tax rate, or a discount to all rows at once. A “percentage sign” button has been added to the toolbar, which opens the dialog.

Visual Changes:

  • The layout of several forms and filter blocks has been updated, arranging the fields into 2 columns, instead of three. On smaller screens, a three-column layout makes some fields too narrow to use comfortably.
  • Updated visual style has been applied to the list of Report Generator reports.

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Fixed: It was not possible to download a receipt or invoice PDF printout that contained an image.
  • Fixed: Payment Reminder, Balance Statement, and some other PDF printouts did not work.
  • Fixed: when a matrix product with repeating dimensions had been defined (eg. color, color, size), the variation picker on invoices and purchase invoices allowed to select non-existing combinations.
  • Fixed: matrix products and bundles can no longer be added into a bundle recipe.
  • Fixed: when opening a form in another window (eg opening a User card from the list of Employees, or opening Customer card from Invoices), the background list will now update automatically after saving the form.
  • Fixed: clicking the gray bubble to reveal total number of records in a table displayed an incorrect value.
  • Fixed: in a tree (eg. Customer Groups or Product Groups), it should now be possible to drag groups both into, and out of, other groups.
  • Fixed: attempting to open a record that does not actually exist now displays an error message.
  • Fixed: some missing user rights checks have been added.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.20

  • Field “Invoice custom number” added to report generator.
  • A fix to prevent EPSI-requested invoice receipt printouts from hanging in certain conditions.
  • Fixed: When a Sales Order is automatically split on partial fulfilment, both parts will retain the same Creator.
  • Finnish translations updated.
  • Fixed: searching products by group will now return search results from subgroups, too.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.19

  • Fixed: Product descriptions no longer disappear when re-saving product card.
  • “Descriptions” is now the first tab on product card. This fixes the issue where opening the product card displayed the list of product pictures, but the pictures themselves were not visible.
  • Fixed: it was not possible to add new customer groups (button was not visible).
  • Polish translations updated.
  • Layout of the tax rate form has been improved.
  • Restored the help tips in Inventory module: “Select for which locations you would like to see stock on hand.” and “To see all items in stock, enable the filter …”
  • In a promotion “Buy product X and get product Y with a discount”, it is now possible to set how many items customer can get with a discount: only one, a specific number of items, or unlimited items.
  • Improved: ERPLY now displays inventory quantities with precision up to 6 decimal places (formerly 5), and the precision is more consistent throughout the system. It is also possible to make inventory micro-adjustments, also with precision up to 6 decimal places.
  • Fixed: The “Reason” field on Inventory Write-Offs is no longer overwritten by the system when re-saving the document in certain cases.
  • Fixed: If Reason Codes have been reclassified, so that a certain reason no longer applies to Inventory Write-Offs, re-saving an old write-off with that reason code will retain it; field value will not be overwritten.
  • Custom receipt printout format implemented for a UK customer.
  • Security fixes and optimizations.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.18

Additions and updates:

  • Polish translation updated.
  • Spanish translation updated for North and South America.
  • Configuration parameter "print_customer_reward_points_on_receipt" = 1 implemented in back office, too; formerly it was only in Windows POS. When the parameter is enabled, receipt printouts will show customer’s reward point amount. ( “Your reward points total: ###” )
  • Module “Login Activity” has been restored.
  • Section “POS – barcodes with embedded weight or price” in Settings → Configuration has been restored.
  • “Assignment Departments” have been renamed to “Assignment Groups”.
  • Improved: Non-ASCII letters (which are displayed in a different font) stood out from the text too much, especially on Windows. These should look better now.

Fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed: Command “Reset archived inventory” in Support Control Panel did not work.
  • Fixed: Day Summary Report was showing store credit transactions for all days, not for the selected day only.
  • Fixed: Users with view-only rights could still add addresses (and contacts) to suppliers and customers.
  • Fixed: Text “QuickBooks Accounts” was sometimes unnecessarily displayed on Product Group card.
  • Fixed: In mobile view, modal dialogs had layout issues.
  • Fixed: On some accounts, product pictures were not showing up on quotes.
  • Fixed: Incorrectly working settings “Enable waybills and invoices” and “Enable prepayment invoices” have been removed from Settings → Configuration. Due to these settings, some commands (eg. creating an invoice from waybills) were not visible in the UI, even when those document types existed.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.17

  • On User card, Register card and Supplier card, sub-modules are now displayed as tabs (below form fields), not as modal dialogs any more.
  • Some terms have been changed to enforce consistency with standard ERPLY back office: “Convert to Invoice”“Create Invoice”, “Convert to Order”“Create Order”.
  • Option “Return / Credit” is no longer shown for prepayment invoices.
  • For waybills, the “Status” column should not show status “unpaid”, as for waybills, payment status is irrelevant.
  • For waybills, “Create invoice” option in the “More” drop-down was missing.
  • Fixed: Re-saving an Inventory Registration or Write-Off was not possible in certain franchise setups.
  • Bug fix related to multi-account franchises.
  • Polish translations updated.
  • Fixed: Field “additional costs currency” was not visible on a Purchase Invoice; “Net + Costs” are actually in account default currency, not document currency, as label suggested.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.16

  • When hovering with mouse over a form field, a small popover now shows the field name. This way, a field can be identified even if the full label is truncated.
  • Subsections on customer card are now displayed as tabs (below form fields), not as modal dialogs any more.
  • Actual Reports: Fields “assignedTo1” … “assignedTo3” and “timeSpent1” … “timeSpent3” added to Assignment printouts.
  • Actual Reports purchase document printouts: besides the product’s original name, it is now also possible to use the item name as it is written on the document.
  • Added check box “Do not show cash drawer openings (cash-in transactions with a sum of 0) in the Point of Sale and Payments Report” to Settings → Configuration. However, this requires API version 1.5.10 or newer.
  • Improvements to the bulk e-mailing dialog in the Invoices module.
  • Informational text “To generate matrix variations, click the “Matrix” button on the button bar.” added to product card.
  • The drop-down list with statuses “Used” / “Active” / “Pending” has been removed from Gift Card form. These statuses were not used by ERPLY. Instead, the form now shows the actual status of the card: whether it is active, redeemed or expired.
  • “Product and Service Groups” in the main menu have been renamed to “Product groups”, as Berlin back office does not support services.
  • Button “Create Transfer” added to the mobile view on Inventory Transfer Orders.
  • Technical change: added support for new configuration framework.

Bug fixes – sales

  • Fixed: Promotions were still being applied to sales invoices created from the back office, although by specification they should not have been. Back office should not apply any promotions to the sale; this is reserved for POS only. Currently we do not support promotions in the back office, because of possible issues that may arise when a sales document is saved and re-opened later, and the same promotions may not be in effect any more.
  • Fixed: An incorrect invoice total was displayed on Receipt form.
  • Fixed: product lookup on sales documents did not work in certain cases.
  • Fixed: the dialog for picking matrix variations on a sales or purchase document can now be scrolled horizontally if the table is to big to fit in view.
  • Fixed: selecting the first item by pressing “Enter” in product search dialog did not always work.
  • Fixed: the link “To ship the items, create a waybill or invoice-waybill” on a Sales Order did not work correctly.

Bug fixes – other

  • Adjustments and fixes to the layout of tables and forms.
  • Fixed: Stock Levels on product card were interpreted incorrectly when using US number format.
  • Fixed: multi-database franchises did not work with the Berlin back office.
  • Fixed: Physical Stocktaking counts were saved incorrectly and therefore the stocktaking summary reports did not show correct information.
  • Fixed: Selecting “Add New…” from a drop-down, writing a name and pressing Enter key no longer reloads the page.
  • Fixed: Link “Unblock” in Users list was missing.
  • Fixed: In “Product Groups” and “Product Categories” modules, the buttons and menu items “Add”, “Edit” and “Delete” were available even if user did not have the rights for those operations.
  • Fixed: On iPad landscape view, there was an empty area on the left side of the screen.
  • Fixed: In certain cases, the Stock Replenishment Report, with the filter “Show only products with stock on hand exceeding Restock Level” showed incorrect information.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.15

  • A new user right setting has been added: “☑ Accept returns without receipt”.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.14

  • Actual Reports: fields “salesPrice” and “salesPriceWithVat” added to Inventory Registrations, Inventory Write-Offs and Inventory Transfers.
  • Module “Settings for Administrator” removed. It contained only obsolete settings.
  • Lithuanian translations updated.

Bug fixes:

  • Layout improvements on several forms.
  • Updated the configuration behind “Help” and “Terms of Service” links.
  • Fixed: Total Quantity field on Invoice form did not have a label.
  • Fixed: Company name was not printed on the sales document printout.
  • Fixed: “Add all items from this product group to price list” was not working.
  • Fixed: When a date field already contains a value, clicking “Today” did not override it.
  • Fixed: “Add” buttons removed from Product card → “Inventory” tab.
  • Fixed: ERPLY should now prevent browsers from incorrectly autofilling arbitrary forms with log-in credentials.
  • Fixed: “Copy” did not copy sales order rows when order had already been invoiced.
  • Fixed: Removed duplicate “New” buttons from Invoices / Orders / Quotes mobile view.
  • Fixed: Start New Stocktaking should open in a new window.
  • Fixed: Adjusted the size of a too small drop-down in Product card → Packages.
  • Fixed: Purchase document form had an empty “Weight” subsection in the sidebar.
  • Fixed: Browser window closed unexpectedly when user navigated from POS to back office via the “Manager” button.
  • Fixed: On invoice, when adding a new customer from the modal dialog, the dialog now closes when the action is completed.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.13

  • When a bundle is sold, ERPLY now calculates components’ prices more precisely and avoids the “Bundle markup” line when possible.
  • Fixed: Sales Order did not show correct quantity on hand in some cases.
  • Fixed: Prices and totals did not update on longer sales documents.
  • Fixed: clicking the “Save” button on Product Inventory card cleared product description fields.
  • Fixed: Documents opened from the “Product Information” window could not be saved in certain cases.
  • Fixed: Mouse cursor did not indicate that a column is sortable.
  • Fixed: Invoice net total and tax were reported incorrectly on invoice form.
  • Spanish translations updated.
  • Australian English translation: some remaining instances of “VAT” renamed to “GST”.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.12

New features

  • A new report, Reports → “Invoices and Payments” has been added. It is useful for tracking which of the invoices from a selected period have already been paid by customers, and which not. The report lists all the invoices in the selected period, and paid / unpaid amounts for each invoice, with totals at the bottom.
  • We have also deprecated two old reports which were not useful to most of the customers: “Payments vs. invoice lines” and “Sales and Payments”. These reports have been removed from the user interface by default, but can be re-enabled with configuration parameters.
    • To re-enable “Payments vs. invoice lines”, apply configuration parameter “enable_payments_and_invoice_lines_report” = 1. This report breaks down all sales invoices by line, and shows whether that item has already been paid for, or what fraction (in case of a partial payment) has been paid. This report has been deprecated because typically it provides too detailed information to give a useful overview.
    • To re-enable “Sales and payments”, apply configuration parameter “enable_sales_and_payments_report” = 1. This report lists all the products in the system and shows the sales total and paid total for each product. This report has been deprecated because product catalogs are typically large and in that case the report would show thousands and thousands of lines filled with zeroes.
  • On sales orders, the warning “There is not enough stock to fulfill the order. To order more supplies, select rows with checkboxes and add the items to purchase orders” has been restored, and it is possible to select rows and create a purchase order for those items.
  • New subsections added to product card: “Price Lists” and “Promotions”. These allow to look up which price lists contain the given product, and what price has been set in those lists; and which promotions may affect selling this item.
  • “Edit Reward Points” feature on customer card has been restored.
  • New access rights option has been added to user groups: “☑ Edit customers’ reward point amounts”. Clear the check box if you do not want this user group to be able to edit the point amount on customer card.

Improvements and fixes

  • Fixed: Restrictions on Inventory Transfer Orders have been relaxed. Users can now create or edit any document if they have access rights to either the source OR the destination location. (Previously, ERPLY always required access rights to the destination location.)
  • Fixed: Report “Distribute Goods to Selected Location” no longer shows non-stock products.
  • Fixed: on Invoice, the “Total Quantity” field did not have a label.
  • Fixed: Two incorrect Latvian translations changed.
  • The “Help” and “Terms of Service” links are now configurable by reseller and country.
  • Added support for Cayan (Merchant Warehouse) payment gateway; receipt printout now displays additional information about the card payment.
  • Configuration settings “pos_allow_sale_giftcard_regular”, “pos_allow_sale_giftcard_serial” will now be applied to all new accounts.
  • Fixed: Payment Reminder and Balance Statement layouts were inconsistent when a) printed from customer card, b) printed in bulk from the report “Unpaid Invoices and Balance Statements”.
  • Fixed: When user does not have access to the Price Lists module, Price List fields are now hidden from Customer card, Customer Group card, and Location card.
  • A few improvements in Finnish and Lithuanian translations.
  • Fixed: it was not possible to add more than 10 rows to an invoice or sales order.
  • Fixed: On Actual Reports purchase document printouts, field “salesPrice” did not always populate.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.11

  • Support Control Panel added.
  • The “Prepayment” amount on Prepayment Invoices is no longer rounded down to full currency units. (Setting a 50% prepayment on a $27 invoice will now set the prepayment amount to $13.50, not $13).
  • A support request can now be submitted directly to ERPLY customer support. Select “Ask us a question” from the Help & About menu at the top right.
  • Technical refresh to the invoice form.
  • Lithuanian translations updated.
  • “Create Stocktaking” view: new option “Include products with non-zero stock” has been added. (Previously, ERPLY only allowed to create a stocktaking for only positive quantities, or only negative quantities.)
  • A new user right setting has been added to user groups: “☑ Create and edit Actual Reports templates”. When removed, those users can only generate new Actual Reports printouts, but not modify the templates or add new ones.
  • Fixed: “Show total number of results” gave a wrong result if attribute filters (added with Javascript plugins) were used.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.10

  • Finnish translations updated.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.8, 5.3.9

  • Security fixes.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.7

  • Security fixes.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.6

  • Fixed: product labels showed net price, instead of price with tax in certain cases.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.5

  • One more fix related to the “Print labels” → “Edit Template” button on product card.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.4

  • Fixed: the application was crashing for users of the “Salesman” app.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.3

  • Customer card, sales invoice, purchase invoice have been updated: the fields on sidebar are now arranged into categories.
  • Previously hidden report modules have been re-enabled: Coupons and Gift Cards, and Promotion Usage. (Promotion Usage Report is an extra module that needs to be enabled by customer support.)
  • Number of records per page is now remembered as a user preference — per user, per module.
  • Lithuanian translations updated.
  • Configuration parameter “credit_receipt_extra_footer” has been added.
  • Logo updated for one reseller.
  • For better compatibility with regular ERPLY back office, some terms has been changed:
    • Ship From → Location
    • Estimates → Quotes
    • Subscriptions → Billing statements

Bug fixes

  • Fixed: Reports → Inventory → “Create Central Purchase Orders” does not list non-stock products any more.
  • Fixed: Discount / Return Reason Codes on invoice form did not work.
  • Fixed: in certain configurations, a COGS report spanning both old inventory period and upgraded inventory period was slow.
  • Fixed: quantity-based prices in a store price list did not work in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed: when creating a sales invoice, ERPLY automatically loads “last quoted price” if there is a quote for that customer that has not expired yet. The price was calculated incorrectly if the quote and the invoice were in different currencies.
  • Fixed: when selling with a non-default currency, discounts on receipt printout and the “realPercentageDiscount” field on Actual Reports printouts were incorrect.
  • Fixed: When creating a new user from Employee card, the Employee card will automatically update after saving the user.
  • Fixed: when moving to next page in a table, ERPLY will return to the top of the list, not jump to the bottom.
  • Fixed: a new promotion is now always “automatic” by default (it is no longer necessary to manually select that option for the promotion to start working).
  • Fixed: When a product code or product name on receipt printout is too long, spaces are added to split it into parts, so that the long string would not break receipt layout.
  • Fixed: Reports (eg. Sales Report) now link to the “Inventory” card, instead of “PIM” card. Typically, the “Inventory” card might contain more relevant information.
  • Fixed: The “password” link was missing from Users module.
  • Fixed: “Print labels” → “Edit Template” button on product card did not work.
  • Fixed: it was not possible to edit product list on Promotion form (“Customer must buy one of these products” or “Customer will get a discount on one of these products”)

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.2

  • Finnish translation updated.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.1

  • Fixed: error on invoice form which occurred when the account had CDN images enabled.

ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.0

Major changes

This update contains several security fixes.

Main menu has been improved. Menu items are now smartly resized when there is not enough horizontal space to display them; ie., the main menu will not overflow onto multiple lines any more.

Setting an account’s UI version with the “app_interface” configuration parameter, or resetting it to default, works reliably now. To apply Berlin UI to an account, set configuration parameter “app_interface” to “ERPLY2015”. To reset it to standard interface, set the parameter to an empty value. The change takes place immediately when user navigates to next page; there is no need to log out.

For easier data entry, there is now an “Add” button on each form, on the toolbar.

Modules “Stocktaking” and “Mobile stocktaking” have been restored.

Feature “Create POs from sales orders” has been restored.

It is now possible to configure more contact information and credentials per-location (ie. specify it on company card). Invoice printouts will display this location- specific information.

By setting configuration parameter "enable_company_name_and_code_on_location_card" = 1, it is also possible to set a different Company Name, Company Registration Number and VAT Number for each location. This might be useful for running a franchise chain in one account (where each location is a different company). However, please still verify each new franchise chain with the dev team. There are other factors which need to be considered (eg. franchise size) which might not make it possible to run the customer on one ERPLY account. Also, the user rights limitations (that users could not see information outside their own locations) are not fully in place yet.

We have made one adjustment in the ordering process. If an amount has been ordered with a PO, and a purchase invoice linked to that PO has been already entered into ERPLY, but not confirmed yet, then the amount will still remain in “ordered” status. The reports will show that such amount has been ordered and is pending. Formerly, between entering and confirming the purchase invoice, the amount was not accounted anywhere.


  • When there are no items selected in a list, the “bulk task” buttons are now disabled.
  • Customer’s balance is now displayed again on invoices and customer cards.
  • Field “Reward Points” has been restored on customer card. It is located in the sidebar.
  • Adding a new supplier on a Purchase Invoice, and other similar operations, are now more seamless. After you save the new Supplier card, the new supplier appears automatically selected on the Purchase Invoice below.
  • All new accounts will be by default configured so that customer’s VAT number and company registration number automatically appear on invoice printout if these have been defined.
  • “New” / “Add” button has been added to Product catalog, Employees, Inventory Transfers, Inventory Registrations, Inventory Write-Offs and Price Lists.
  • A new customer group can now be created directly from Customer card (customer group dropdown → “Add new…”)
  • A new tax rate group can now be created directly from Register card (tax rate dropdown → “Add new…”)
  • Popup windows now always open in desktop view (not in mobile view)
  • On invoice, the address block no longer contains the “State” and “Address line 2” fields for non-US accounts.
  • Long field labels now expand and contract as needed — to display full label text when possible, but to not overflow onto label contents.
  • Payment Reminder and Balance Statement e-mail dialogs now respect the setting whether the message should be sent from corporate e-mail address or employee’s own e-mail address.
  • Invoice bulk emailing has been enabled.
  • Improvements on Promotion, Assignment, Employee, Supplier and Price List forms.
  • To better organize the sidebar fields, subheadings have been added to customer card.
  • Some optimizations have been made in the Inventory module, to account for matrix products that have a huge number of variations.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed: When adding a new customer, previous customer’s addresses appeared in the address block and had to be manually deleted.
  • Fixed: Product import wizard.
  • Fixed: Automatic code generation now works for the products that are created directly from a sales invoice.
  • Fixed: X (Close) button in popup windows should close the window, not act as “Back”.
  • Fixed: “Gender” field was displayed on a corporate customer card, but it should have been on the Person card instead.
  • Fixed: Menu item “Settings” → “Import products” pointed to the wrong location.
  • Fixed: It was not possible to send payment reminder e-mails from the “Unpaid Invoices” report.
  • Fixed: Field “totalAmount” on Actual Reports sales documents showed an incorrect value.
  • Fixed: Integration with Actual Reports e-mailing: log entry was only created for invoices, but not orders or quotes.
  • Fixed: Paging did not work in modules “Locations” and “Registers”.
  • Fixed: Warehouse filter in Users list did not work.
  • Fixed: Page header in the Settings → Configuration module, in mobile view, was broken.
  • Fixed: When browsing a list of invoices on customer card (the “Sales invoices” modal dialog), popovers with invoice details were displayed behind the dialog window.
  • Fixed: Changing invoice type from Receipt to Invoice-Waybill, or vice versa (with EU settings) works correctly now.