Make fact-based decisions in real-time utilizing Erply’s robust reporting tools

There’s no limit to what you can report on with Erply’s powerful reporting tools.


There’s no limit to what you can report on with Erply’s powerful reporting tools. Customize your reports, use filters to highlight the most important information, and export your data to gain a full overview of your retail business. With over 100 different reporting options, Erply ensures that you can easily access the information you need to run a successful retail business.

Erply gives you the reports you need on demand. Whether you need weekly inventory reports or want to pull sales information from your store’s opening day, all of your historical data is saved on our secure servers so you can pull important information any time, anywhere. Choose a report, define your date range, and Erply will do the heavy lifting for you. No matter what type of business you own, you’ll always have access to Erply’s full suite of powerful reporting tools.


Fully Customizable Reports

Erply’s reporting tools cover anything you need to know. Can’t find a specific report or need to pull extremely detailed information? Create it yourself!

Generate comparative reports to cross reference sales information with invoice details. Get a quick overview of exactly what product information you need, and have Erply filter that information by your defined metrics. Erply’s custom report generator makes it easy to view important retail data without displaying an overwhelming amount of information.

Erply’s custom report generator has a wide variety of uses to benefit all aspects of your business.

  • Human Resources: View employee reports to see how total hour worked by any number of employees during any date range.
  • Marketing: Pull customer contact information and quickly identify customer reward point balances to inform future promotions strategies.
  • Managers: Review different aspects of store performance. View gift card and store credit balances for each customer that visited a store.

With Erply, there’s no limit to what information you can pull.

Inventory Reports

Erply has superior inventory functionality because we were originally built as an ERP solution. Powerful inventory tools require detailed tracking, so our inventory reports can be filtered to pull exactly what information you need. Erply’s inventory reports help keep your inventory lean and your customers satisfied.

Generate inventory reports to keep track of all of your SKUs. Erply’s reporting tools can give you an inventory overview or detailed information, such as stock levels for each store or warehouse location. For stores that hold complex inventory modules, Erply’s inventory reports cover matrix products, so you can check product information for each item variation.

Here’s a broad overview of inventory reports that can be generated in Erply. Each report can be broken out into smaller subcategories and organized with filters:

  • Inventory by Items
  • Inventory, Purchase, and Sales
  • Inventory Summary
  • Central Purchasing
  • Stock Replenishment

Erply’s inventory reports can be used to ensure your stock levels never fall too low. Stock replenishment reports can be semi-automated, prompting Erply to alert you whenever inventory levels hit a certain threshold.

Sales Reports

To adjust which products you sell, you’ll want to know which products sell the fastest, and which items take longer to sell.

Sometimes you need in-depth sales information. With Erply’s sales reports, you can get a view of who sells what and what registers sell the most, among other information.

Here’s a broad overview of sales reports that can be generated in Erply. Each report can be broken into subcategories and organized with filters:

  • Sales Summary
  • Sales by Customer or Location
  • Item Sales
  • Cashier Sales
  • Detailed Sales
  • Accounts Receivables

Does your business use matrix products to sell different variations of the same item? Run a sales report in Erply to view what your top-selling variation is or which variations are most popular at certain locations.

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