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How long does the implementation process take?

We recommend a window of time of about a month between signing up and going live. The process can be completed more quickly than this, but it is beneficial to take as much time as needed for training, testing, and data preparation.


 Erply CEOCan you explain the implementation process?

Implementation generally involves the following steps:

  • One or more training webinars with our support team
  • Import of product, customer, and supplier data
  • Enrollment and setup of payment processing account
  • Hardware setup and testing




What do I need to do to prepare my site for the POS installation?

We recommend consulting with your account representative to see if your current hardware is compatible with Erply and if you need to purchase additional hardware. Our support team can advise you on connecting and testing your hardware.


How long will it take to learn the software?

There are is a very wide range of features within Erply, so anyone who wants to become well-versed in the software can expect to spend a week or two exploring and practicing. However, anyone job role or process can be learned within an hour or less of instruction.


Will it grow with my business?

Erply retail software allows you to quickly and easily accommodate new locations, registers, products, and customers.


What happens if my Internet connection fails?

 Our web-based POS features an “offline mode” that allows you to perform cash transactions if you lose internet connectivity while using the POS.


What happens if a peripheral fails?

If you are having difficulty getting your hardware to correctly interface with Erply, our support team can help you troubleshoot that setup. If you experience a hardware issue with your card swiper, you can contact your payment processor for assistance. If you experience a hardware issue with your printer, barcode scanner, cash drawer, or another device, contact the manufacturer or vendor responsible for supporting that device.


Can I use my own credit card processor?

Erply offers US customers direct integration with two payment processors: Mercury Payment Systems and Element Payment Systems. In addition, Element can be used as a gateway to many other payment processing services. Alternately, payments can be processed through a system that is external to Erply and recorded within Erply as external payments.

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