Revamped ERPLY POS iPhone App!

We are excited to announce the release of our latest and greatest ERPLY POS app optimized for iPhone! 

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The app can be found in the Apple App store under the name “ERPLY Point of sale (POS)” 












Fast & Efficient

ERPLY’s newest iPhone app features a totally revamped User Interface. Our focus with this new interface is to bring all of the functionality of ERPLY back-office to the iPhone while keeping the checkout experience fast and intuitive for users.

Ringing up your customers on the go is now as easy as checking them out at a counter.  Select your register, and have access to all of your inventory items, stock levels, and pricing schemes anywhere you need or want them.

















More valuable customer details

One of the bigger updates comes by the way of customer data. You can now lookup/add new customers for tracking from iPhone, but also we have added a more detailed view! You can now view the customer’s most recent sale directly from POS (great for upselling, rewarding, or creating a more tailored customer experience).




Other Customer retention features include:

  •  Loyalty Point tracking
  •  SMS/email capability
  •  Customer grouping
  •  Store credit tracking/addition/redemption











New Simplified User Interface

More power, less confusion.  Our new interface allows your transactions to be as simple or as complex as you need them to be, without making the process difficult.   

New layouts let you see what is important to you while hiding those things that you don’t need to see or use.



The best part

What really sets ERPLY iPhone POS apart is that it is not simply an iPhone checkout! As with our other POS interfaces, this new app works with and is fully integrated with the powerful ERPLY back-office system. This means detailed inventory tracking, customer CRM analytics, employee commissions, detailed reporting, and much much more are all a byproduct of ringing up customers using this iPhone POS.


A simple check out experience results in a powerfully organized back-office!




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