Manage Retail Sales & Orders Beyond the POS

Erply’s powerful back office enables retail sales functionality beyond typical POS purchases. Set up and fulfill bulk orders, create multi-department workflows, and track performance across all locations.

Sales Management

As your business grows, you’ll want to find a solution that grows with it. Erply’s retail platform lets businesses create work processes involving multiple locations, departments, and users. Our solution can be easily customized to fit your business’ workflow.


Users can set a sales work process from quote to order to invoice. Multiple users can contribute to a process without disruption, ensuring each order transitions smoothly throughout your workflow. Make sure your business runs efficiently by generating order, invoice, and sales reports at any time.


Erply makes it easier for you to manage your business’ sales and orders. Import data into Erply, such as order and payment information, and easily export any of your data to your accounting software. Create new orders right from the POS or filter through your data to manually create invoices, quotes, and orders.


With Erply, you can keep track of every step in your workflow, no matter how much sales data your business handles. View pending, incoming, or confirmed orders and automate your processes to maximize efficiency. B2B retail businesses can set up net terms, take sales orders from retail customers, fulfill the orders, invoice their customers, and run balance statements, all in one place.


Sales Quotes & Orders

Flexible sales options for the way you do business

Erply offers a seamless workflow to support custom and unique sales. Create a quote for a customer that easily transforms into an order or invoice. Get more insights and control over how you order from your suppliers.

  • Full visibility
  • Just-in-Time (JIT) Inventory Management
  • One Quote, Multiple Invoices
  • Accept Prepayments

Not every sales transaction is a tidy exchange at the point of sale. What happens if a customer wants 400 of an item but you only have 12 in stock? What if you provide services where every job is unique? What if you have customers that want to set up special payment terms?

Erply can handle it.

Creating quotes and orders

Optimize your workflows by converting orders to invoices with just one click. Pass orders to your warehouse with all the information they need to create invoices and send out shipments. Automated controls mean that there’s no need to pick up a phone or send an email.

Erply’s sales and order workflow are configurable to support your business rules. Decide who has permission to create or edit different sales documents. Do you want everyone to create sales orders, but only managers to create quotes? Set up Erply to match

Order Fulfillment

Increase the accuracy and speed of order fulfillment

If you take special orders, manage an e-commerce site, or only purchase inventory when you need it, Erply provides tools to get those products into your customers’ hands efficiently, while also giving you more leverage against suppliers.

  • Flexible Order Delivery Options
  • Daily Fulfillment Lists
  • End to End Order Management
  • Print Packing Lists

A successful retail business with a central warehouse could easily see thousands of orders in a single day come through the warehouse. Managers might be required to create and manage daily fulfillment lists, which are prone to errors and can result in delays.

Fulfilling sales orders

With Erply, the system is automated, so a manager can review a current list of fulfillable orders in minutes, not only reducing errors but also improving the rate of order fulfillment.

In creating a sales order, customers have the choice to receive their entire order at once or in parts as goods become available. Erply automatically moves ready orders to a dedicated list, making it extremely easy for employees to pinpoint exactly which orders can be fulfilled on any given day.

Invoicing & Payments

Take control of your payment workflows

Erply helps you keep track of who has paid and who hasn’t, as well as when payments were made. Keep an eye on the status of all your sales orders, and maintain a permanent record.

Track payments from order to receipt. Erply allows you to take payment at any step in the process, according to your business needs and the arrangement you have with the customer.

  • Take payment when a customer places an order.
  • Take payment upon delivery or receipt.
  • Set up net payment terms
  • Allow a mass payment at the end of the month.
  • With us, you’ll never lose track of an invoice.

Consignments, Rentals, Demos. Erply distinguishes between whether the customer has the product or service, and whether the customer has paid for it, so you can configure our system to support a wide variety of transactions beyond the purchase of a widget in the store.

Managing invoices in Erply

Invoices are completely customizable, making it easier for you –and your customers– to manage payment documents.

Every invoice created with Erply is permanently stored in the back office as a searchable record. Invoices can be tracked through every stage:

  • Unconfirmed or unshipped
  • Unpaid
  • Prepaid
  • Paid-in-full
  • Delivered

Invoices can be updated at any stage, in case items ordered need to be modified or if payment information needs to be updated. Create invoice templates, apply discounts or special price lists, and associate invoices with payments.

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