Security & Hosting

Your data is safe with Erply

Nearly 50% of our budget is spent on diverse safety measures to ensure our customers can run their retail business with confidence. We keep retailers secure with our 24/7 human controlled data systems, high-security data center locations, full control over physical equipment, encrypted data transfers, detailed auditing, quick-action checklists, and strict backup procedures.

Make security central to your strategy

In today’s complex and evolving market, business and technology departments can no longer function separately, and security should be at the forefront of the way you operate.

Erply is more than a provider – we are a partner for businesses like yours. We offer several solutions to meet your hosting, data control, security, and disaster recovery needs. Our experienced staff applies the most progressive tools, platforms, and practices to keep your organization running smoothly, and securely. We implement critical infrastructure and security solutions that are integral to our client’s long-term success.

The hosting you need for the goals you have

We offer a variety of hosting solutions for a diverse group of clients, providing services, products, and support created specifically for mission-critical sites, applications, and storefronts. From small or medium businesses to enterprise-level companies, we offer self, managed, and shared hosting options dedicated to making your life easier while you focus on the real work that needs to be done.

We know your needs are broad and ever-changing – so we offer an equally broad range of products to manage your hosting challenges. Talk to our professional staff about the right option to assist with your security, functionality, and growth.

World-class security

Erply holds high safety and security standards for both our physical equipment and our software. 

The data centers we use are always in the same region where our clients operate. There are no cross-continent data transfers unless a client has an international scope and specifically needs them. All data transfers are encrypted.

Large retail enterprises can sign trilateral agreements that include server infrastructure providers. This provides them with more control over data handling across geographical locations. Insurance policies for data protection are available to our large corporate clients.

Exceptional service levels

Erply helps you deliver a seamless retail experience to your customers with top-level system availability. Your company’s retail software has its own physical server space. Each piece of hardware, including hard drives and server equipment, is renewed after fixed intervals.

All your data is backed up in two locations, in real time. Physical equipment can be replaced in less than 2 hours; until then your retail software system will continue running from a mirrored backup location.

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